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The Best Vibrators, According to Truly Satisfied Women Themselves

The right vibrator can make all the difference between reaching the big O or just missing the spot, whether you’re alone or having sexy time with your partner. Luckily, we live in the digital age, so we can skip the awkward right of passage of walking through a sex shop as a first-time buyer—just a few clicks and you’ve got crazy pleasure without ever leaving the bedroom (only two days away with Amazon Prime). To help you sort through all the options, we’ve rounded up some of the best vibrators on Amazon, Babeland, Lelo and more, according to very satisfied users. These 11 top-rated picks will surely make your toes curl.

Best Vibrator for Beginners: Je Joue Mimi Soft

Je Joue Mimi Soft pink vibrator

1 / 11


“This toy is great for first time buyers, has a nice variation of vibration and is waterproof so showers are amazing! It’s nice to hold against the body during sex or incorporate into oral.”

“I can't say enough about the rumbly, penetrating vibrations of the Mimi Soft. I can't imagine ever using anything else. It feels like a massage. The vibes go so deep beneath the surface, it's so unobtrusive and easy to operate, and it's PRETTY. This is a long-term relationship for me.”

Get It! Je Joue Mimi Soft, $69

Photo: Amazon

Best Quiet Vibrator: Lelo Mia 2

Lelo Mia 2 bullet vibrator in deep rose

2 / 11


“The beautifully sleek design is compact enough to fit in a small clutch and looks just like a mascara. Its motor is powerful yet oh so quiet. Even on the highest setting, it remains discreet.”

“In my opinion, nothing will ever compare to the small, quiet yet powerful Mia. If you are on the fence about this vibrator, do yourself (and your partner) a favor and try it. You most likely will not regret it!”

Get It! Lelo Mia 2, $85

Photo: Lelo

Best Cheap Vibrator: Lyps Hummingbird

Lyps Hummingbird dildo vibrator in pink

3 / 11


“It's an absolutely surreal purchase for the money. The vibration has about 10 modes, and you can adjust the intensity from very low to very high. This thing seems like it could have easily cost $30, $40, even $50.”

“Go ahead and purchase, okay? Ten dollars and you don’t need a mans ever again.”

Get It! Lyps Hummingbird, $10

Photo: Amazon

Best Vibrator to Splurge On: Lelo Sona Cruise

Lelo Sona Cruise vibrator in light pink

4 / 11


“The sonic waves stimulate everything! I wish I would have purchased this sooner to be honest. This is the best thing that money can buy. I also love that it is waterproof! If you're on the fence about purchasing the Sona Cruise, I highly suggest purchasing this!”

“This thing is like a bloodhound! It finds my spot w/o me even realizing it. Then all I have to do is hold it still (yeah, easy) and it happens.”

Get It! Lelo Sona Cruise, $179 $129

Photo: Lelo

Best Vibrator to Bring on Vacation: Unbound Oh! To Go Bag

Unbound Oh! To Go Bag with a Zip Vibe bullet vibrator, condoms, lube, and stimulating gel

5 / 11


First of all, can we talk about how cute this lil’ travel pleasure pack is? With a tiny vibrator, single-use lube and stimulating gels, a condom (“Party Hat”) and a wipe to freshen up, this kit has everything you need to have a damn good time on the go.

“The vibe is still working and going strong (6 months later!) which is great for a battery vibe that is less than $20. I liked being able to try everything and ended up ordering 10 packs of the Booshies and Jolt Gel.”

Get It! Unbound Oh! To Go Bag, $34

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Best Vibrator for Couples: We-Vibe Jive

Periwinkle blue We-Vibe Jive couples vibrator

6 / 11


This one is wearable for all day fun and can be hidden discreetly under clothes. The We-Vibe Jive also connects to an app so you and your partner can be in sync in the bedroom or thousands of miles apart, ideal for the long distance couple.

“A lot of fun in public! My wife didn't know there was an app for it, so when we were out to dinner I pulled my phone out, and a couple seconds later my wife had a delightful smile on her face.”

Get It! We-Vibe Jive, $86

Photo: Amazon

Best Rabbit Vibrator: We-Vibe Nova Dual Stimulator

We-Vibe Nova Dual Stimulator rabbit vibrator in pink

7 / 11


The rabbit vibrator is a girl’s best friend with dual internal and external stimulation that will keep you in bed all day.

“A common problem with rabbit vibrators is that they aren’t well designed, so they won’t reach your clit unless you have one very specific vagina shape. I like the Nova because it has an arm that bends with your body, so it’s always hitting your clitoris no matter how much you move around or rock your hips.”

Get It! We-Vibe Nova Dual Stimulator, $118

Photo: Amazon

Best Finger Vibrator: Dame Products Fin Vibrator for Fingers

Dame Products Fin Finger Vibrator in coral

8 / 11


When it comes to sex toys, it doesn’t get any cuter than this. This vibrator goes on your fingers, and it's easy to use. Because it’s so small, I can play with a partner without worrying about it getting in the way. Great on its own or with penetration, this simple toy is my go-to, especially when I’m introducing sex toys with a new partner for the first time.”

Get It! Dame Products Fin Vibrator for Fingers, $88

Photo: Amazon

Best Vibrator for the Shower: SVAKOM Cathy Vibrator

SVAKOM Cathy curved waterproof vibrator in hot pink

9 / 11


“Discreet packaging, quiet buzzing, strong vibration and overall a great product. It was well worth the price, so don't waste your time on cheap ones! When it comes to something that is going in your body, make sure to invest in high quality, sanitary and durable products.”

And most importantly—it’s certified waterproof.

Get It! SVAKOM Cathy Vibrator, $40

Photo: Amazon

Best Vibrator for Him: SVAKOM Tyler Vibrating Ring

SVAKOM Tyler Vibrating Cock Ring for couples in black

10 / 11


“The vibrating pod is about the diameter of a golf ball and makes easy to hit the right spot and apply pressure with your pelvis. I consider myself of average girth and the fit was snug enough to be secure and provide a bit of blood restriction as intended, but not uncomfortable at all...I ordered the violet color but received black, but once I saw it I was glad - the black looks so classy! Much better than some of the cheesy looking stimulators out there. We barely put a dent in the battery charge, so I'm guessing this thing could survive a weekend getaway without needing charged.”

Get It! SVAKOM Tyler Vibrating Ring, $40

Photo: Amazon

Best Vibrator for the Broad City Fan: Ride the Rocket Vibrator

Broad City Ride the Rocket Vibrator with head attachments

11 / 11


Hilarious Comedy Central sitcom Broad City now has its own line of O-tastic sex toys that Abbi and Ilana would surely approve of. Any die-hard fan of the show should give the Ride the Rocket Vibrator a go.

“Super strong vibe for a super low price! If you’re looking for a pocket rocket style vibe, this is the one to get. The metal balls also add an interesting and intense stimulation to this classic vibrator. Overall, a great choice for an inexpensive buy.”

Get It! Broad City Ride the Rocket Vibrator, $25

Photo: Babeland

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