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The 10 Post-Breakup Stages Every Girl Goes Through

Congratulations, you're single! Welcome to the club. Whether it was a mutual decision, or you dumped him, or he dumped you, you're 100% S-I-N-G-L-E. No matter how you feel about the breakup, you can probably relate to at least a few of these stages of being a newly single woman.

1. The Ben and Jerry's stage



Your ice cream carton doubles as a container to catch all of your tears. You probably overdose on rom-coms and wonder why your life couldn't be as romantic as a classic Drew Barrymore or Katherine Heigl movie.


2. The Taylor Swift stage



You're kind of sad, kind of pissed off, kind of psycho. You'll listen to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "Bad Blood" in a fiery rage, but you'll also cave in and half-sing, half-sob "She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts."

3. The FREEDOM! stage



You're no longer tied down, which means you can do whatever the f*ck you want. Maybe you'll get a new piercing or dye your hair just because you can.

4. The "ready to mingle" stage



This is when you go to the bar and basically have a sign around your neck that says, "I'm single, buy me drinks." You're excited to live it up with your ladies, that is, until drunk you accidentally calls or texts your ex.

5. The wine stage



This stage is when you realize that your relationship is actually 100% over. And maybe you cry again over a bottle of wine.

6. The nostalgia stage



You keep remembering the times you shared with your S.O: "[Ex] and I used to watch that show together! OMG, [Ex] says stuff like that all the time! You breathe in oxygen?! So did [Ex]!"

7. The "other men exist!" stage



Wait, how did I never notice that cute guy in my history class? Or the hot barista at Starbucks? Suddenly, you've got other people on your mind. And you're totally psyched about it.

8. The Tinder stage



Hey, you're single now and you've got needs. F*ck bitches, get money is your new mantra.

9. The self stage



Without your ex, you finally have time to try all those things you wanted to try—you hit up the gym more often, meditate, go on a shopping spree, try that new sushi place, pick up calligraphy, and finish the 50 shades series.

10. The empowered stage



This is when you finally, once and for all, move past your last relationship and get over your ex for good. Sure, you had some good times, but they don't define you anymore. You're happy, healthy, independent, and way better without them.

Sierra Burgos

Sierra is an Editorial Intern and Drake University student who was born and raised in California. When she's not dishing on Hollywood's hottest, she enjoys experimenting with beauty and fashion, watching videos of puppies, spending time outdoors, and basically living at Chipotle.

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