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Why This Woman Doesn't Need Her Disney Prince To Live Happily Ever After

After a breakup, Brooke Lowry went solo in a Disney Princess-inspired engagement photo shoot, and she couldn't be more inspirational.

Most "Once upon a times" end with a "happily ever after," and most "happily ever afters," include a prince charming. However, Brooke Lowry is proving to the world that having a knight in shining armor is definitely not a necessary fairytale requirement.

Disney Photo Shoot

Three weeks before her Disneyland engagement pictures were set to be taken, far past the cancellation deadline, Lowry found herself with an ex-fiancée and a closet full of perfectly tailored dresses ready for the Disney princess-inspired shoot. While she could have easily canceled her session without a second thought, the Disney-lover channeled her inner princess and instead boldly chose to document the beginning of this new, unplanned adventure.

"Even when it seems impossible and even when it's hard, you can be your own knight in shining armor," Lowry tells MORE.

Disney Princess Photo Shoot

Embracing the bittersweet solo session with feelings of vulnerability and humility, Lowry entered the day hoping to find some closure for one chapter and the beginning of another. What she also found, however, was a peace in her heart and a magical sort of kindness from those at the shoot that helped make it even more possible for her to shine through the uneasiness.

Disney Princess Photo Shoot

She received free admission into the park, was given a private tour of the Royal Hall by a compassionate employee and, to her delight, was even asked which princess she was by a few of the park's guests. She also credits her photographer Drexelle Park for being phenomenal and treating her "like royalty" throughout the course of the day.

"We have the power to find beauty and make magic every day, for ourselves and for others," Lowry reflects to MORE, after encountering the overwhelming amount of kindheartedness that day. "We have the choice to be kind and have courage. For all the bad that comes with life, recognize that there is far, far more good!"

Disney Princess Photo Shoot

The feedback that came from her shoot has been overwhelmingly positive, and while it wasn't her original intention, Lowry hopes that her own struggle can inspire others.

"As the audience grows I'm hoping to reach the heartbroken girl feeling lost in life and encourage her to take charge of her story," she tells MORE.

Disney Princess Photo Shoot

Knowing full well that it would have been easy to bury herself even deeper into an already dark situation, we wholeheartedly admire this princess for boldly embarking on her own fairytale and reminding the world that it's more than OK to be your own knight in shining armor.

Disney Princess Photo Shoot

"Life is a fairytale full of multiple 'once upon a times' and 'happily ever afters,' and we ALL have magic within!" She couldn't be more right.

Hannah Marsh

Hannah is a Texas-born, Iowa-raised alumna of Iowa State University. When not writing trending content across several Meredith sites, she enjoys all things fitness-related, binge-watching "Whose Line is it Anyway" episodes and fully embracing her self-diagnosed peanut butter addiction.

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Why This Woman Doesn't Need Her Disney Prince To Live Happily Ever After
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