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Luxury Apartment Amenities: Which Ones Matter?

New York City, the place where traffic congestion is high but the dreams lie higher. It is there that the masses come in droves in hopes to one day walk amongst the titans of the Big Apple. And those who make it reward themselves with handsome pieces of luxury Manhattan real estate. But with an overabundance of luxury high-rises in Manhattan, it can be difficult to find a luxury apartment that leaves an eye-popping, I-love-this-place kind of impression. Not that most of these luxury apartments are not attractive—they are, but to find one that stands alone amongst the rest, that’s a real challenge. With that being said, there is a straightforward, almost simple line of attack to help weed out the ordinary, leaving you with that perfect NYC high-rise you’ve always dreamt of.

Finding that Luxury Apartment
While visiting these luxury apartment complexes take some time, analyze their amenities, create a spreadsheet, and see who is going to match your needs. Now there are many things that can be considered an apartment amenity, but some weigh much heavier than others.

Luxury Apartment Amenities: Four Important Amenities to Consider Before Renting a Luxury High-Rise

An Attentive Staff
If you pull up to the building complex and no one’s at the door to take your keys and park your car, they most likely don’t offer any valet service. Valet services are tremendously valuable—especially in NYC, with all of its crowded parking garages. If you are ambitious and walk through the front doors (loaded with luggage) around 11 p.m. and you are not greeted by anyone offering to assist you, they probably don’t have a twenty-four-hour doorman service. Twenty-four-hour doorman services can be exceedingly useful on those nights you need a hand carrying something. These along with other offered services such as maid service options should be a vital part of the decision-making process when finding that stand-out luxury apartment complex. Glenwood Management is one full service luxury Manhattan real estate organization that offers such services.

Security on High Alert
For this let’s take a slight step back—if you manage to get through the doors around 11 p.m. without first being greeted, please raise an eyebrow. An attended service entrance is not only useful—as mentioned above, but it is also important for obvious safety reasons. Also, check to see if they have monitored laundry facilities in case for some reason, accidental or no, someone takes your clothes. Although you always hope the best of others, the sad reality is that it can happen. It is better to be safe than sorry.

A Rooftop Rest Stop
On a warm and bright New York summer afternoon there is something beautiful about the city. With a Manhattan luxury high-rise that grants access to a rooftop sundeck, you’ll be able capture the city’s true beauty and even work on that tan, to boot—making the rooftop sundeck a must-have amenity.

Fitness Within
With a luxury-apartment complex that offers a state-of-the-art fitness center—you won’t need to uphold the hassles of a gym membership. And without having to commute to the nearest gym, you’ll be able to put some time back into your pocket—time that can be spent on your workout. Basically with a fitness center in-house, working out can become more routine and less of a hassle and will subsequently bulk up your wallet a bit by reducing monthly spending on membership and commuter fees—making it another must-have amenity when searching for that luxury Manhattan apartment. If you are a swimmer, many of Glenwood Management’s buildings offer indoor swimming facilities as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Choosing a luxury apartment is no walk in the park. It can be one big headache trying to find the one that suits you best. By looking at what amenities are offered by whom, it will most certainly help you sift through the ordinary and find yourself that true gem in which you not only seek, but deserve. As a resource , feel free to check out Urban Edge, a straight-up, no fees–no commission Web site dedicated to providing the NYC area with great listings minus the hassle, or check out HousingNYC, the New York City Rent Guidelines Board.