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Making That Leap of Faith

You have a dream.

You’ve set that goal. In addition, you’ve read all the books, newsletters and blog posts proclaiming that you ‘can manifest what you need to live your dreams.’

And now, you’re ready for the proverbial ‘magical net’ to appear as you prepare to make that ‘leap of faith.’

But there’s just one teeny-tiny problem . . .

Unless you understand the finer nuances of manifesting money (or the support you need), the only magical thing you’ll likely experience will be your thinking. And it could lead you straight into a financial black hole. Which is a shame, really. Because it is possible to manifest money and everything needed to support whatever endeavor you wish to undertake. Thus, if you are considering making that ‘leap of faith’ in some way or towards whatever goal, here’s how to ensure ‘the magical net’ does, in fact, appear:

First, understand that the net’s appearance isn’t really a “magical” or whimsical occurrence. Instead, it’s the direct outcome of a spiritual principle triggered by your firm and fully committed decision to pursue a certain path or goal.

Before you take that ‘leap of faith,’ make sure the “thing” you are leaping toward is something you really want to do, be or have. If you’re not one hundred percent passionate about the goal, then when difficulties arise (and they will!), you’ll likely waver.

Nothing stops the flow of money, abundance or support faster than hesitation and indecision.

Second, keep in mind that the money will come in, but not all at once. Yes, for some people and in some instances, the funds will gush in like a veritable river—and the money dream manifests quickly. But more often than not, the process usually begins slowly and then grows—and often steadily so. Barring any actions steps required on your behalf, one of the main reasons money doesn’t gush in has nothing to do with you being a failure. You’re not. What you are, and have been, is conditioned deeply to think about money in limited and restrictive ways. As a result, stepping out in any new way will challenge every single one of those limiting beliefs.

Since money follows the flow of your thoughts and your actions, check yourself each day to make sure you’re not thinking rich, but living poor. Don’t allow your actions to stem from a place of fear. Strive, instead, for congruence between the your thoughts and actions–and then watch as the money manifests in ever increasing amounts.

As a result, rather than create an experience of magical thinking and its corresponding lack of results, you’ll experience that “magical net” disguised, interestingly enough, as money.