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Managing Finances on the Go? Live Virtually

Nothing disrupts a lazy day at the beach like a call from your accountant. My husband and I were in Mexico when our CPA called needing information from a bank statement. The only problem was those papers were back home sitting in a locked filing cabinet.

In a world that involves more paperwork than ever before, how do you manage your finances on the go?

I figured it out: It’s an online data storage site that allows you to organize and view all of your files, plus share files with other users. Financial planners use all the time to integrate their clients’ data and transactions. I got very excited at the prospect of having a virtual filing cabinet for all of my records.

Reduce, Recycle, and Digitize Financial Documents
I started by calling my bank and asking them to email me PDFs of all of my statements rather than mailing them. Then, I uploaded them to Next, I scanned and uploaded all my paper documents.

Now I am literally living virtually. I can access my account and email a document in seconds rather than have to be in a dedicated location to fax it. And my accountant can access my account to check on a statement without a phone call. has a password protected sharing feature that allows you to give approved people access to selected files. All of your information is right there in one place, perfectly organized.

GreenSherpa and, a perfect match is so great, GreenSherpa has partnered with them to integrate our online personal financial management tool with the best in cloud computing solutions. Tip top organization and cash flow planning all in one place? I can hardly contain myself.

Originally published on GreenSherpa