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The M.B.A. Blonde: M.B.A. Year One, the First Degree

In the first year, Steffie began her pursuit into the M.B.A. program. While she attended classes, she also worked part-time for a well-established beauty company, which granted her the opportunity to receive reimbursement for the scholarship that was awarded to her for her three years in the program. Around this time, she learned how to balance her studies, the job, and her passion for the craft all at once. Between in-class presentations, outside assignments, and the weekend hours, she would use the extra time that she had available to prepare for her first year initiation to the Goddess.

“Thank goodness for online assignments,” she sighed. During her second week of class, the professor assigned everyone into four different groups. She was assigned to get together with five students, to do an overall presentation on The Disney Corporation. As everyone started to make plans to meet, they decided that they wanted to meet on the weekend. “That’s great for all of you, but what about me? Believe it or not, I work on all weekends!” she aggressively replied back. “So when is a good time for you to meet with everyone? We need to figure this out right now, replied Mary Ellen Covack, the assigned team leader of the group. I can’t decide right at this minute, I have another class to attend, said Steffie back to MaryEllen. “Okay then! How about us meeting on campus sometime at the end of this week? I think that you can do that,” replied MaryEllen already annoyed with Steffie’s unwillingness to cooperate. “Fine, let’s do that,” was the last thing that Steffie said before they both made plans to meet. At the end of class, Steffie left with her head pounding and thinking to herself that everyone was being a little bit overdramatic regarding this whole situation. “If I’m ever remembered later as the girl who couldn’t get it together for Walt Disney, then I think that I’ll end up shooting myself,” she jokingly thought.

On her personal time off, Steffie made a decision to stop by and visit her favorite hangout, Mystical Loft, and met up with Gerry, a practicing Shaman who frequently would give her guidance. With a lot of frustration lingering the night before, Steffie started telling him how awkward she was feeling due to the issues she was having with her group regarding the presentation at school. He started to assure her to seek confidence in her ability to resolve difficult matters with others that are not part of the “magical” world. “This is a test from the universe that has been put upon you to overcome obstacles … think of the situation that you are in right now as a preparation for your first initiation into the craft. Just have a diplomatic conversation with your classmate one on one. I don’t want you to think of this as a negative experience but one that you can change into a positive ... something like this is just another part of life. I know that everything will be fine and go very well ... don’t doubt yourself! Just ask the Goddess for support and guidance, that’s all you have to do!” When their session was over, Gerry gave Steffie his blessing and said, “So it is, so it shall be done. Take care, Steffie. We shall talk again soon.”

That evening, Steffie reflected upon what Gerry had told her, and decided to do a friendship spell in order to have a pleasant experience with her other colleagues. At her alter, she placed both pink and red rose petals upon her statue of Venus, lit a pink candle, and recited her enchantment
“Venus I call to you. Sister of love and inspiration, to aid me during my time of need by turning negative dealings into positive possibilities, and releasing all anxiety from my soul … help me to open up my heart more in order to receive love and friendship with all others that I may encounter and in all throughout my life and in pursuit of my career. Grant me the wisdom and clarity to turn everything around by the power of three. So it shall be done!”

After she extinguished the candle, Steffie suddenly felt at peace. No longer did she resort to being fearful. The weekend finally came, and met Mary Ellen Covack on campus. She greeted Steffie by saying, “Nice to see you again. I can’t believe that we have only two days left before our final presentation.” “I know,” said Steffie, before you know it, this term will be over in a heartbeat.” As they looked at each other, Steffie pulled out a deck of Goddess cards from her bag. She proceeded to give Mary Ellen a simple reading and explained the significance of what each card symbolized from the deck. “Now do me a favor,” Steffie said to Mary Ellen. “Just pick one card from the deck. This one card that you pull up will tell us both how the project will go before we do our presentation next week.” Mary Ellen drew out one card from the middle and proceeded to turn it over. The card that she picked showed a rainbow with a fairy riding on the back of a unicorn, and on the bottom it simply read, “HAPPILY EVER AFTER!” Mary Ellen’s face lit up with a youthful smile as her blue eyes beamed back at Steffie. “Let’s do this,” she gleefully replied to Steffie. “I’m totally in agreement with you all the way, girlfriend,” Steffie playfully snapped back at her. On this day, all of the tension that was between these two women had vanished, whereby, both became mutual friends. She ended the conversation by assuring Steffie, “You know what, don’t worry about anything, I believe that we can all work something out with one another. Anything can be fixed.” They both left the campus and went across the street to get some coffee at the local diner. Mary Ellen called up the other students and asked them to meet them both for a group study on campus later that afternoon. When everyone had arrived, the rehearsal began immediately. It went way in to the late evening. When the meeting was over, everyone departed with the confidence that Monday’s presentation was going to be a “cakewalk.” 

The week of the presentation had arrived. Steffie, Mary Ellen, and their group arrived in class before they were to present later on that night. Each one wore a business suit to play the roles of Disney executives that were assigned to them. At the end of the performance, they received a continuous round of applause and an honorary mention for group dedication. They were all so estatic that they gave each other a hugs, and later went out to dinner to celebrate. In the end, Steffie she found true friendship with Mary Ellen and her other fellow group colleagues even after the semester had ended.

When the first year was over, Steffie’s first degree of initiation into craft was finally made. In return for her loyalty to her mentor, the Goddess, she received the special gifts of intuition and wisdom to help her to lead a more prominent life in the real world. With the universe now being her “oyster” she now realized that she had the power to be in control of her destiny. For anything is possible if you just believe! 

To be continued …