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The MBA Blonde: MBA Year Two, the Second Degree

As the final for her first year in graduate school came to an end Steffie received a message from her manager at her day job saying that the location she was in would close within the next two months. This news dampened her day, since she was already starting to make plans to go to California for a few weeks to visit her family and friends. Wow, I will probably have to get another job or collect unemployment for the rest of the summer. What a way to kick off the new season!

That evening, Steffie called her best friend, Marie, and asked her to go out to dinner and possibly finish the rest of the night with a cup o’ jo at the local Starbucks cafe. She felt that if she continued to keep herself magically focused by not dwelling on the negative side, then everything would work out just fine. If fact, she made a promise to herself to just practice everything that she would preach. Marie was also a great aid to her by always boosting her ambitious ego by reassuring her that she would come through as always, no matter what obstacle was thrown in her direction. Nevertheless, Marie was right. Everything did fall into place.

When Steffie received her grades in the mail for the previous trimester, she marveled at receiving a 4.0 average. She did not, however, end up going to California that summer, and decided to go after completing her second year. Instead, she decided to just interview for a new position, take some classes over the summer, and enjoy her time around home. On the last day of employment at her former day job, Steffie headed for the beach. She ended up taking a walk near a private section on the rocks by the sound of Manor View Park. While meditating, she made a request to the Goddess to bestow upon her the possibility of opening her heart up in order to fall in love and find someone of magical aspirations and like mind. As the nighttime approached, she knew that her wish would be granted.

Within two weeks, she secured a management position with a family owned-business who in turn, agreed to help pay for her education. Steffie also received a call from her brother that he would be getting married in the fall of that same year. However, the wedding would not be held in the U.S. but in Brazil outside of the city of Rio de Janeiro. “I really want you to come,” her brother insisted over the telephone. “I have invited all of my close friends, but they do not seem to have the money right now to take the trip” ... “I’ll tell you what, I will help pay for your flight as well as the hotel reservations if you just come.” She told him that she would definitely make the trip to South America. She also wondered what she would have to tell her manager since she would have to give advance notice immediately.

The summer had ended, and Steffie began her second year of graduate school on the beginning day of the new moon. On that night, she did an enchantment for happiness and success to welcome in all endless possibilities. She began to manifest her dreams while mixing the potion of spices and herbs that she had purchased the other day from her favorite metaphysical store. She then went outside and sprinkled the potion into the ground by giving something back to the universe in return.

The following day at work, she was by the Xerox machine performing her daily tasks, while a voice whispered behind her, “Can you tell me where the H.R. department is?” She turned around and her eyes became fixated on a young man around his late twenties or early thirties with a shaved head. He was wearing a grey suit with a black tie and light blue shirt that matched the color of his eyes. Steffie was able to recognize that his original hair color was blond, since his goatee and eyebrows were extremely light. “Are you applying for a job?” she asked as she proceeded to look him up and down. He smiled back at her and replied, “I actually have been made an offer for a supervisor position at this location. I received a call earlier today to come in and complete the rest of my paperwork before I start.”

“Oh, then let me take you to the office. By the way, my name is Steffie,” she said gleefully. “Hey, Steffie, my name is Bruce. It’s a pleasure meeting you. Thanks again for helping me. See you soon,” he said as he walked into the office. Steffie stood there in awe, and replied to herself, “Most definitely,” as she watched him shake hands with the head of Human Resources as the door slowly started to close.

The following day, her brother, Vic, called her back to tell her that he booked a flight for her to attend his wedding. Upon this news, Steffie proceeded to the office to inform her manager that she had to fly out to Brazil for a family union. Her manager did grant her permission to attend the wedding. That evening, she went directly home. Looking at her schedule, Steffie realized that she had a tight schedule between traveling abroad, work, school, and, of course, preparing for initiation for her second degree of the craft. Not to mention a new project was to be presented with her operations management team for class by the end of spring. Yet, she was hopeful since she considered this her ideal team compared to the other group that she had previously dealt with. “This shall be a cakewalk,” she thought. “All of the segments of the project have been split up according to each team member’s major. Rob, would be the opening and closing presenter; Jackie would cover the marketing area; Tom was responsible for facilities management; Olga volunteered to conduct the financial forecast for the next three years; and Steffie would be in charge of product development, inventory, vendor distribution, and client population.

“OMG,” Steffie realized, “this is actually a project to put a business plan together”... “Sweet!”

The group, however, did not attempt the project right away, but would hold meetings at the university pub across the street. Steady email communications were sent back and forth during that first month. Through it all, she kept herself busy during this time between getting organized for her flight, and most of all, Bruce, the new supervisor at the job. As the weeks passed, Bruce became Steffie’s area supervisor. Their professional work relationship, however, turned into friendship where their bond became extremely close to the point where they started to meet each other secretly outside of work. Their friendship ended blossoming into a love relationship where they became connected to each other’s souls. It happened so quickly like in a movie. The joy of their lovemaking, too, was incredibly magical, as it would go on endlessly for hours. They would end up not sleeping, and would just get out of bed and into the shower. At the end of the day, both would feel tired but would go back to the apartment and make love to each other into the night.

“I love you, you know that right?” He would ask her to reassure her of their newfound love. “I love you, too,” said Steffie back to Bruce as she gently coddled him and began to stroke his chin. “I’m going to miss you when I go to Brazil” ... “I wish that you could come and be there with me!” she admitted to him. “I’ll deeply miss you, but you must go see your brother get married on his wedding day” ... He expects you to be there” ... “I will be here waiting for you when you come back, I promise!”

The day finally came to fly out to Brazil. Steffie had spent the whole night packing then went to bed early that evening. The following morning, Bruce took her to the airport. She kissed and embraced him to the point where she did not want to let go of him. As she entered the gate, she turned and watched as he walked away waving to her. A single tear streamed down from her left eye as she whispered to herself, “Bye my love” ... “I will be home real soon.”

She boarded her plane and was off to South America. The following morning, she arrived in Rio de Janeiro. Her future sister-in-law’s mother had come to get her at the airport. Steffie, Fiona, her brother’s fiancé, and Fiona’s mother had spent the whole day on Copacabana Beach getting some sun and sipping coconut milk. Later on in the evening, everyone had dinner in a cozy little Italian restaurant in the mountains north of Rio. After the family had departed, Steffie headed to her chalet that her brother had booked for her. It was cozy with a fireplace and an outdoor-screened porch. When she awoke the next morning, she heard the wind blowing against the shutters of the warm sunny breeze. It was a clear morning with a painted blue sky. She proceeded to put her bikini on and headed toward the indoor pool. The pool area was surrounded goddess statues. As she waded in the water, she began to feel like she was in her own enchanted realm.

This was a place she had actually dreamed about and it in turn became a reality. For tonight was her brother’s wedding. During the entire afternoon, Steffie took the time to get ready by sipping tea outside the indoor porch while gazing out at the majestic mountains in front of her chalet. The evening had finally arrived, and after her brother was married, there was a celebration in back of the chapel that had gone way into the morning hours of the following day. She returned to her chalet, and decided to embrace the rest of her vacation. During this week, Steffie attended many parties, went sightseeing, and frequently swam in the tile pool owned by her sister-in-law’s parents. Clubbing every night was the norm out in the state of Rio, since everyday was considered a celebration to the Brazilian natives.

On her way back to the U.S., she meditated and said a small prayer to the goddess, and by giving thanks for making her experience truly possible. When she opened her eyes, she smiled to herself and started to look forward to going back home to be with Bruce. When her plane had landed, he was there waiting for her as he had promised. During the rest of that year, their love between them became inseparable. They were not only partners at work, but also of the soul. She also was initiated by her teacher and mentor, Gerry, before she finished her second year of graduate school. She now was a second-degree high priestess. Her experience was also very rewarding with her new team classmates that she bonded with them and found herself attending classes frequently with both Tom and Jackie. After the last night of trimester had ended, the group went out together to the university pub. As the evening began to come to an end, they all raised their glasses in the air and toasted one another to endless success in finishing the pursuit of their education, but most of all, to the future.