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The McFondue – I’m Not Lovin’ It

The hubby doesn’t know this yet but I finally caved and bought the boys their coveted “french fries, hamburger, and dip” (dip being ketchup) at a Swiss McDonald’s. Sssshhhh!

Unfortunately, it was my first awkward I-don’t-speak-more-than-ten-words-of-German experience and I nearly walked away with something called a Cheeseburger Royale that cost fourteen franks. Ack! Eventually, the man and I played enough charades with the menu board and I walked away with my one cheeseburger happy meal. Sadly, the dip was sacrificed (in other words, I can’t say ketchup in German and my arms were tired) but the boys were man enough to take it.

While there, I saw an advertisement for their “feature” burgers throughout October/November. The McFondue (bun plus stinky white cheese plus “meat” plus more stinky white cheese plus bun), the McRaclette (I don’t even know what is on this thing) and the McRösti, which I have to shamefully say looked kind of appealing.

Life in the Swiss Lane Side Note: Rösti is a Swiss dinner side dish that is more like a breakfast side dish in North America — it’s basically shredded potatoes that you fry up after squeezing them out of a tin foil pack. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it!

But back to the burger … the McRösti’s got bacon, burger, Swiss cheese and to top it all off, a deepfried hashbrown. I might just try to make that one at home. Stay tuned.