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Measuring Furniture

Measuring furniture gives a good idea of how furniture will fit in the room that you are designing. Once the overall size of your furniture is known, you can develop a furniture plan that complements your activities.

INSTUDIO interior designers Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder say: “it starts with a plan” Knowing the size of your furniture plus the size of your room is good for planning and assuring good circulation within the room. Design and style is layered on the furniture plan.

WIDTH or LENGTH, DEPTH and HEIGHT are three basic keys to measuring all furniture.

For cabinets, case pieces and tables the width/length determines where items can fit on a wall or how many chairs will fit at a dining table. The height of a cabinet will determine how much visual space it will take on a wall and allow you to balance large pieces in the room.

It’s smart to know the dimensions of a sofa so it can be moved or delivered without problems. Dimensions such as seat height, seat depth or arm height will determine the comfort level while sitting on the sofas or chairs.

Knowledge of rug sizes will allow you to know how much of the floor under the rug will show and if all of your furniture will fit on the rug. Placing furniture half on and half off a rug is not a good design feature.

A basic guide to measuring your furniture can be found at:

The INSTUDIO ONLINE tab will direct you to the easy to use “measuring furniture” instructions and guide.

Happy measuring! And know thy stuff.