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Michele AKA Goldilocks

We’re in the market for a new mattress. When we were deciding what to put into storage before moving a few weeks ago, our mattress didn’t make the cut. It was a great mattress when new—almost twenty years ago. Over the years, though, it has fallen into disrepair and our mattress was starting to look a lot like the mules we’d ridden on our trip to Puerto Vallarta. We’d been thinking about replacing it for a while now; but it just never seemed like the right time. Then, just before starting to pack, I heard that if your mattress is twenty-years-old, half of its weight is from dust mites and dead skin. EW. That did it for me.

Last weekend Doug and I actually went mattress shopping. We’d just eaten Mexican food and were feeling stuffed so laying down for a bit sounded like a good idea. All the websites say that you should lie on a mattress for tenty minutes in the store before making a decision. That’s a really long time to be laying down in public unless you’re next to a pool.

When we walked in the salesman tried to size us up-financially speaking. He started with their mid-line series—only $1999 for the set. I was the designated “layer” since Doug said he could sleep on anything, anytime; something he’s proven to me countless times, and much to my frustration. I, on the other hand, sleep restlessly on even the best night. I felt a lot like Goldilocks going from bed to bed. One was so firm I thought I was lying on the floor. Why have a mattress at all then?

When we didn’t bite right away he asked our price range. “I don’t want to show you a $5,000 mattress if you don’t want to spend that much,” he said. All I could think was “Who would?” Doug said the only way he’d spend that much on a mattress is if he was guaranteed he was going to get lucky every night. I said if you spent that much you’d better want a cigarette as soon as you lay down. (I’m not sure the salesman got our humor).

So now we’re trying to decide between a conventional mattress, memory foam, or a hybrid of the two. I even found one called Textrade Innerspring Mattress in a Box. It comes to your house in a box on wheels then unfurls and plumps itself up. The reviews overall are good and in king size it’s only $314.00. That part I really like.

We’re open to suggestions and are asking everyone we know about their mattresses—what they like, what they don’t. If you have any useful info, pro or con about your bed, I’d love to have it.