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Millionaire Mom in Business Mentors

Melanie Corpstein, CEO of Adorable Originals, a children’s apparel company, as the first Millionare Moms in Business Mentor launching in celebration in Women’s History Month.  

The Millionaire Mom in Business Mentorship Program gives moms in business an opportunity to win a mentorship session with a mom who has already built her business to millions of dollars in revenue. Moms understand moms and can give real-world practical advice on how to overcome those business hurdles while still understanding that the desire to put family first. It’s a difficult balancing act, and moms can help other moms through those struggles. 

Many of the Millionionaire Moms in Business Mentors have built their businesses from the kitchen table, like Melanie Corpstein did twenty years ago.  

From humble beginnings in Amarillo, Texas to rising to lead a multi-million dollar enterprise, Melanie Corpstein is a living example of real entrepreneurial success. It is with sheer originality blended with innovative business savvy that she’s guided her organization Adorable Originals, based in Phoenix, Arizona, to capture the heart of the children’s t-shirt marketplace for over 18 years. Her most recent addition is her line of huggable dolls that teach girls values and build self esteem.

It was in 1989, at her kitchen table and with a limited budget of under ten dollars that Melanie crafted the first Adorable Originals t-shirt design and unintentionally launched what was soon to become one of the top ten most popular children’s t-shirt lines. Unable to find the perfect gift for the birthday party of her niece, Melanie decided to give from her heart and create a gift. Melanie, hand painted adorable, happy children on a basic white t-shirt purchased from a local discount store. Her work was so unique and heartfelt that it became an immediate hit with the moms attending the party who placed orders for t-shirts and, in doing so, became Melanie’s first customers.

Melanie, a struggling mom at the time with no official business background, fought through the self-doubt and fear of running a business. One day while driving down the street with a trunk load of t-shirts Melanie had an “aha moment” when she realized that God had more than prepared her to run a business, through her trials and life experiences. She quickly realized if she took her lessons in life and applied them to business she was very well equipped to run a successful enterprise and share her natural artistic talents with the world.

Adorable Originals designs are sold in more than 6,000 independent boutiques and retail department stores around the world. Best known for their trademarked “I’m the Big Brother and I’m the Big Sister designs, Adorable Original retail customers include Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Fortunoff, Dayton’s and more. Even the U.S. Olympics committee has requested her designs.

Moms In Business Network is proud and honored that Melanie has volunteered to give her time to this program to celebrate all moms for this Women’s History Month.