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Miraculous Resurrection!

So am walking along with my dog (who’s at the moment missing) when I feel water trickling down my leg! It’s my bottle leaking through my bag!

My phone! There was water all over the screen and the keyboard and the back, it’s my beloved Nokia 2260 flip phone, but it was working! Thank the heavens!

So I happily continue my walk all the way to the public grounds, which I had wanted to check out that evening. It was cheerfully active; people playing cricket, mother’s sitting on benches gossiping, two uniformed security guards chatting away in the middle of the grounds, little children running around playing, middle aged men walking briskly and a couple standing against a wall watching me to see whether I would dare enter the grounds with my dog!

So I turned around and left, marking the grounds off as my future jogging venue. And on the way home, I glance at my phone to find that the screen was blank! Oh God! The water did affect my beloved phone that I thought invincible!

I hurried home convincing myself that my cousin will definitely have a solution to my dilemma. And I was sure my boyfriend was trying to contact me. The solution he provided was to dismantle my phone and let it air dry, which I did and then I called my Amila, who sympathized with my phone situation but had a phone dilemma of his own; his Real player was only playing sound and no video, but I wasn’t really sorry, I didn’t see how that compared to my phone being dead! At least he was calling me through his functioning phone!

Later, I put my phone together and switched it on, and it did! God bless! But then it flickered and died forever! It never came on again. So I decided to move on till I got the chance to get it fixed. I got hold my grandfather’s phone, put in my SIM and charged it. Of course, no phone can ever take the place of my Nokia 2260 flip phone.
This morning I wake up feeling down and thinking I’ll give my phone one last try. I take it out of my drawer and I switch it on. And it comes alive and asks me for the time and date! It rose like a phoenix through the ashes! And its back to normal, good as new, with no signs of near drowning.

Life is back to normal. God sure loves me!