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Mommy Blogs

If you look up “mommy blog,” it will give you a definition that is much broader than it actually should be. It started as an endearing term to describe “moms who blog.” However, if you check out the vast majority of these sites you will find that they are written by and to mothers with very young offspring.

It is obvious that numerous corporations, in addition to manufacturers, are delighted that they found this target market however, have they forgotten women who are not “mommys” or whose children are grown? Visit any of these Web sites and you’ll witness many sweepstakes. Most are for baby or toddler products but they also end up with wonderful giveaways like cameras, phones, and vacuum cleaners. Generally, their sweepstakes rules include leaving posts on their blog every time you mention their contest. They want you to “follow them” on Twitter and Tweet about the contest plus blog about it and link to them. Many of them request this to occur daily.

I wonder how long it will take these advertisers to notice that there is expendable income coming from many who do not fit the current “mommy blog” stereotype? What do you think?

For the most part, I believe that DivineCaroline straddles the divide pretty well since they provide many possible topics for us to write about. No matter how much I write, I’ll never be a “mommy blogger.”