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Monday Mood Lifters Second Edition

Schmello everyone.

So, it’s Monday. The big bad wolf of the work-week has returned (so soon?!) to bite you in the ass. I had a very ... eventful day today. That’s putting it lightly. Today on a scale of cluster-fuckiness from 1-100 was about ... 10,000,000. That sounds about right.

So, needless to say, I need this Monday Mood Lifter. I need it more than AIR. I miss its musk. When I saw the first one below, I literally thought it had been written by someone in my office, watching me nibble at a ham sandwich fighting off frustration. Sometimes I honest-to-god wish that real life had computer elements I use daily. What I wouldn’t give for an undo, delete, or the occasional #FU.

Enjoy, my favorite tweets that made me feel like I maybe shouldn’t jump off the twenty-fourth floor when Occam’s razor decided to fillet my sanity, then eat it with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.


@someecards I’m much more efficient at work when I cry at my desk instead of in the bathroom.

@funnyordie Mel Gibson crashed his Maserati in Malibu. This all feels anticlimactic w/o audio of him saying something racist to an OnStar operator.

@vivreparis vous entraine dans les hauteurs de Paname avec “Paris vu du ciel” de Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Découvrez la capitale...

@someecards Real graph on public opinion towards gay marriage accidentally looks like a penis:

@NarcissusHolmes Photo: How Not To Get Laid #87:

@rainnwilson Happy Birthday Steve Carell! You’re a 47 year old big hairy triangle of a torso. But what a torso!

@cailinash Dream Realized!

@theOnion In Focus: Al-Jazeera Introduces ‘Lighter Side Of The News’ Segment

@davidlebovitz [new blog entry] Oh baby, it’s Babycakes...

@StephanAtHome i was shocked fox news had such old viewers considering all their young, hip ads for walk-in bathtubs and mesothelioma lawyers.

@fleurishing edith piaf for your #musicmonday

@psprive RT @HaveninParis @ParisienSalon: Are you a flâneur? How many ways ARE there to walk in Paris?

@GrammarGirl English professor ejected from NYC Starbucks over linguistic dispute: (via @mightyredpen @cinetrix)

@PreteMoiParis RT @OnlyParisPhoto Our Vintage Parisian Shoot featured

@sharonbially Trouble getting started w/ ur writing? Try finger painting! says bestselling author @BrunoniaBarry at Writer Unboxed.

@francophilia Skating the Roads of Paris via #paris (via @MyMelange)