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From Money to Magnetism: What Inspires You?

I write a personal finance blog. I talk about money. But let’s get deeper. Let’s talk about what inspires, shall we? What inspires you? When you know, do it, love it, let it flow. Money included. That’s the “flow” part of “cash flow” that I love. What inspires me?

1. Doing something I have trepidation about: Public speaking, or something I say an immediate “no” to but really, inside, want it to be an immediate “yes.”

2. My grandfather. He was a remarkable human being and a famous artist. He was radical in his time, when making a living as an artist was more than unconventional; it was un-cool enough to be publicly protested.

3. Collaboration. Working together to come up with a solution better than I could come up with myself.

4. Risktakers.

5. People being successful doing things in their skill set, whether mom, artist, or astronaut … or all three. I have friend, a mom of three kids, who is one of the most authentic, funny, vivacious, real people I know. She inspires me all the time.

6. Having everything I need at my fingertips, whether it’s for bill paying, grocery buying, dinner making, or business-running. Having order, a start, and finish to my projects and challenges. Creating and following a process that never fails me.

7. Beauty. Appreciation. Awe.

8. Simplicity. If I can find the simplicity in a problem or situation, it will inspire me to face the hard parts about it. GreenSherpa inspires me like this. Making cash flow simple inspires me to look at the harder stuff about money.

9. Creating a context. This has a lot to do with being prepared. My obsession with being prepared makes me really organized. It also helps me get through some otherwise ugly necessities with relative ease … imagine, if you have to spend an hour budgeting, set yourself up with your favorite music, a full cup of your favorite coffee, in your favorite mug. Surrounding myself with inspiring things, helps get me through the things that are less inspiring, but equally rewarding in the end.

Originally published on Green Sherpa