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Money is Not that Important

Money is important but many persons never have much of it. I had a wise Mother and her many friends who told me to save a portion of each dollar. Then Mother said have your money work for you.

She died last September under horrid circumstances. A strange person let her be neglected to death because he wanted in the family to get my parents money. It all did not work out the way he planned. He did not marry my daughter.

I recently invested in two accounts with American investors and will get dividend checks about four times a year. I quit smoking recently and drinking alcohol (many years ago) so I save about seventy dollars a month I would be spending.

My parents lived on one salary and saved one for many years and invested their money. Now I do not have millions but I have an inheritance for my daughter if and when I go with her as beneficiary.

Many couples work hard all of their lives and are not happy. After twenty years, the husband has poor health from trying to provide a nice home and things for his family. His wife has let society raise her children. Did I say this? Yes because we expect our children to love us when we are strangers to them.

Mothers need to be a wife and Mother and then educated in the work force. Men need to protect and provide and be kind to his family. Both parents need to educate, house and feed each child they decide to bring into this world. I had great parents. I knew an education was important and earned three degrees. I worked about forty-three years. Now I just paint, do music and garden. I have deer and raccoons for my pets. I have named them. I love wild life and I live in a very healthy Country place.

Family is important and true friends. The body is made to work and play.

Roles we are made for have been lost many times. Too bad many people do not know their purpose on this Earth and are not happy. Since this Universe never belonged to any human, he who dies with the most toys did not win.