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How To Really Save Money On Your Next Night Out

A night at the bar can sometimes spell trouble for your bank account. But with these super savvy spending hacks, you won't dread checking your balance the next morning.

Nothing beats hitting the town with your best friends. After all, you have to celebrate your youth and your young liver while you can, right? While it's tempting to blow all of your hard-earned cash on some cold ones, you still need to save money instead of drowning in spirits. But how do you accomplish this feat when you're under the influence? Not to worry, we have some super helpful hints and tricks proven to keep you from going broke from beer binges!

1. Only Carry Cash

This is the simplest and easiest method you should try when you're out for a few rounds. Only bring what you're willing to spend, whether that's a Lincoln or a crisp $100.

2. Set A Limit Before You Go Out

If you can't commit to the cash-only rule, mentally note what your spending limit is before you head to your Uber. Tell your friends your limit so they can hold you accountable throughout the night—and even take your wallet away if necessary.

3. Pre-Game The Party


Bar prices are often through the literal rooftop bar, but buying a handle to split or a six-pack to share with your pals before means you won't be hurting for money once you finally arrive. Just don't go too hard, okay?

4. Seek Out Free ATMs

How many times have you tried to withdraw a measly amount of cash only to pay the same amount in fees? SAD. If you absolutely have to get some greenery in your wallet, be sure your ATM isn't asking for more.

5. Avoid Bars And Clubs With Cover Charges

Unless you're headed to the most exclusive joint in town, there's literally no reason you should be tossing extra money at the bouncer just to get in. Do your research before you're greeted by another reason to pull out precious moolah.

6. Choose Less Common Nights To Go Out

Cheers to the freakin' weekend ring true for other days of the week too, you know! Some bars, pubs and clubs offer drink specials on certain weeknights (Taco Tuesday, anyone?). Instead of hitting the same spots every Saturday night, head to cheaper locales for just as much fun and frugality.

7. Never Open A Bar Tab

Don't. Ever. Do. It. Even if you think it's more convenient to have one throughout the night, you never know who's going to take advantage of it (even your buddies). Just stick to schmoozing with the bartender every time you're ready for a refill.

8. Split Your Ride Home

There's always power in numbers, and when you're ready to go home after a night of debauchery it's always a relief when you're not the only one footing the bill. If you Uber or Lyft home, be sure everyone is paying their fair share. You'll win extra points and save some coin if you can crash at a friend's place instead of paying for a ride home, too!

9. Befriend The Bar Workers

Yes, we're talking real friends with benefits here. Getting friendly (not in a creepy way, mind you) with a bartender or staff member could score you extra drinks or discounts. Tipping well is a great way to get on a barkeep's good side, and who doesn't like stimulating conversation?

10. Keep An Eye Out For Specials And Deals

Even if you're a drinks regular at your resident dive bar, it never hurts to scope out the competition to see if you could be saving your cash. From pitchers to pints to specialty cocktails, you could be getting a lot more for your dollar than you think.

There's no shame in trying to save money when you're out with your pals, but don't let your inner Scrooge completely take over your night. Find a happy balance between spending money on some beers and slyly asking for a water with lime.

Bethany Lozier

Bethany is a content creation guru at the Meredith Corporation. Her main passions include fangirling over Leonardo DiCaprio, French culture and fashion. When not perusing the Internet or writing, she can be found reading magazines and socializing with the best of 'em.

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