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The Secrets to Saving Money on Amazon During the Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is upon us and our already tight budgets are stretched tighter. Amazon is a fantastic place to find great deals and if you follow these handy tips you can save even more.

The holiday shopping season is upon us. This means our budgets are stretched tighter and we need to look for all the gift savings we can. Amazon is a fantastic place to find great deals, and if you follow these handy tips, you can save even more.

Before you do any shopping on Amazon, check out the coupons page to see if there are any digital coupons you can activate. Coupons are good for everything from groceries to electronics.

Today's Deals
This is a great section that can show you thousands of deals in an instant. And under Today's Deals you can find even more categories that lets you find the best of the best by sorting by deal type. Under Deal Type there is Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, Savings & Sales, Coupons, and Prime Early Access.

Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals are the deeper discount items. Deal of the Day is a handful of items that are available for a full day and Lightning Deals are limited time deals with a countdown timer. You can see current, past and future deals to see what you want to watch.

Amazon Warehouse Deals
The Amazon Warehouse is a well kept secret. It can be difficult to find on the site, but click this direct link, or do a search for 'Warehouse Deals.' This is my favorite section of every store; it's where they sell the returned open box items or the items with damaged packaging. There usually isn't anything wrong with the items, Amazon simply can't sell the items as new.

Add to Your Cart, But Don't Check Out
Not always effective, but sometimes this tactic can swing you a deal. Log into your account and shop like you normally would, but then leave the items in your shopping cart and log out. The next day Amazon will send you a reminder email telling you that there are items in your cart and they will frequently send one on the second day. I have gotten discount offers with the second or third reminder email. It doesn't always happen and if the item is on sale you don't want to risk missing the deal by using this method, but if it's regular price and you aren't in a hurry, then why not give it a shot?

Amazon Outlet
Amazon Outlet is another Amazon discount section, however this one tends to be filled with overstocks, closeouts and last seasons items. Unlike the warehouse deals, all of these are new and in good condition.

Subscribe and Save
If you find yourself ordering the same items every month from Amazon then check out their subscribe and save section. Products are sent to you on a monthly basis and if you have five or more subscriptions delivered at the same time, Amazon will take 15 percent off. The subscription comes with free shipping and you can cancel at anytime.

Amazon Mom
Amazon Mom costs the same as an Amazon Prime membership, but on top of the Amazon Prime deals you will also get 20 percent off diapers and wipes ... something every mother needs.

Amazon Student
Amazon Student is a great way for students to save money. This program gives students a free Amazon Prime account for six months, then the account is 50 percent off after that. You must have a .edu email to qualify.

Catch the Bait
In order to pull in new subscribers, Amazon will sometimes put out special prices on items to non-subscribers. One way to ensure that you are getting the best deal is to use two Internet browsers, or shop from both your PC and your portable device. Only log in on one of the browsers, then find the item you want and check the price without putting it into your shopping cart. Then find the same item using the browser you haven't logged in on and compare your prices. If price is cheaper when you're not logged in, put it in your cart and then log in. It should retain that lower price. It doesn't always work, but I have seen it on some of the big ticket and special promotion items.

Amazon Prime
If you shop a lot on Amazon or plan to over the holidays, consider joining Amazon Prime. A one-year, $99 membership gets you free two-day shipping; free movie, TV video and music streaming; and early access to Lightning Deals. You can also split your membership with up to four 'household' members, which means you and your best friends can all use the same Amazon Prime account to save money.

Used Items
If you're shopping for yourself, or condition doesn't matter much, check out the used items option. You can look at a variety of items from third-party sellers and those used items are typically cheaper than the new ones. Just be sure to check the seller's reputation and don't forget to add in the cost of shipping to determine if it's really a good deal.

Free Supersaver Shipping
If you don't have Amazon Prime and you aren't in a rush, wait until you have at least $25 in your cart and you will qualify for free supersaver shipping which gets you the item in five to eight days.

Price Guarantee
If Amazon itself is the seller of an item and the item price drops within seven days of you receiving that item, you can be refunded the price difference. This only works if the seller is; if it's someone else, you have to take it up with them.

Price Match
If you find an item that is lower than Amazon's, tell them about it by clicking the 'tell us about a lower price' link that is usually below the product description. It may take a few days, but frequently you can go back and find that the item is now available at a lower price.

Combine these tips with their Holiday Shopping Guide and Sales and you will find yourself saving a few precious dollars this season. Happy shopping!

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