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Your Zodiac Sign Totally Determines Your Spending Habits

You already know your destiny lies within the stars, but did you know it also determines how you like to spend your hard-earned cash? See how your zodiac sign plays into your financial habits.


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Aries' fiery nature lends itself to the occasional impulse purchase (that's what you get for being so impatient all the time). This quick, decisive tendency does come in handy at sample sales and on Black Friday, however! Just try to hide your credit cards when those sales come to barrage your inbox.

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Taurus is potentially the most practical Zodiac sign of them all, so you can get these practical purchasers never squander a dime. They generally won't shop online, as they like to see, touch and feel their goods before they fork over the cash. These bulls need a lot of convincing when it comes to treating themselves!

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Most Geminis find themselves torn between saving their money and spending it at the drop of a hat. While they can certainly be frugal when necessary, occasional frivolities such as new planners and gel pens are enough to tempt these dual personalities.

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Cancers are deeply sensitive folk, which means parting with hard-earned moolah can be especially difficult if they've grown accustomed to pinching pennies. You probably won't witness them splurging on expensive jeans too often, as they prefer to donate their money and time when possible.

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Leos always stand out in the crowd (they are lions, after all). They like the best money can buy and aren't shy when it comes to flaunting their latest designer purchase. However, these outspoken drama queens are infamously bad at saving and budgeting, so you may have to talk them out of big purchases every time you hit the mall.

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Virgos, being the ultra feminine gurus they are, will never pass up a shopping trip. Thankfully, their meticulous, analyzing natures prevent them from piling up random knick knacks in their carts, as they only spend in small increments. They also love the satisfaction of using every coupon they can find, so expect delays at the cash wrap.

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Libras are the least solitary of the Zodiac, and they always think in partnerships as opposed to solo endeavors. They will often want to split purchases with their significant other and they strive for balance and fairness when it comes to expenditures. They want everything to be a team effort, so they definitely pay with credit and debit cards.

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Scorpio's stubborn nature can sometimes spell trouble for her bank account as she is quick to spend and quick to regret her purchases. Her assertive personality means she's not afraid to dispute her credit card bills or negotiate when necessary, so don't be surprised when you see her trying to haggle for a cactus at the farmer's market.

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No one loves to travel and experience the world quite like Sagittarius, and she's always the first to scope out the latest flight deals. Her room is littered with trinkets and souvenirs from every corner of the globe, and can always be convinced to try out a new cuisine regardless of cost.

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Capricorns are planners. They save their money better than most, and they always know exactly when to invest and when to close their checkbooks. Don't be alarmed if you see a Capricorn sporting a particularly expensive-looking watch or bracelet; she definitely earned it.

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Aquarius is known for her friendly demeanor, but when it comes to finances, she's particularly strict. She prefers saving over spending, but if a particular object piques her interest, she's the first to snatch it up. Being a water sign, most Aquarius can be swayed into trying out new trends until they eventually fade away.

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Peaceful Pisces are easily pleased with most of their purchasing habits, but they rarely, if ever, overspend. They're always down to go on mall trips with their crew and their unbiased, but kind advice usually prevents others from buyer's remorse.

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