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Mr. Noodles Super Cleaner

Most days find me offering my particular solutions for world peace, conflict resolution, conservation and the environment. Today I’m going to share my very best solution—cleaning solution, that is. As I write on my blog,, though, it’s all about the highs and lows, the yin and the yang, the heady conversation and the real dirty work.

Trust me, of all my fantasies about what I wanted to grow up to be, a modern day Heloise was not among them. But I always looking for ways to save a penny here and a penny there, so I can go out and splurge on the really good stuff.

I was gifted this formula by a really nice professional carpet cleaner one day after he had been over once too often to clean up after the supersized poodle, Mr. Noodle. Instead of that $99 dollar carpet cleaner’s visit, this solution, dubbed “Mr. Noodle’s Super Cleaner,” costs just pennies and is (almost always) just as effective. A big fat disclaimer, test this on a corner of the carpet to make sure it doesn’t wreck the fabric or turn it to some odd neon green color.

First, remove whatever the mess is you are trying to clean. Vacuum the area. Fill a jar with two parts water, two parts white vinegar, one part alcohol and 1–2 tablespoons Woolite. Shake vigorously.

Once the area is cleaned, soak the stain with “Mr. Noodles” formula. Use a clean white towel, apply pressure, and blot up the liquid. Repeat this until you see most of the discoloration come up. (You may need several towels and lots of pressure.) Then cover the stain with a thick wad of paper towels and place a stack of very heavy books on top. Check back the next day.