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Much Ado About Chocolate: Word on the Web

It’s been said that love is all you need, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. The Internet is buzzing with the latest European study that finds chocolate slashes the death rate of heart attack survivors. From cacao-covered dresses to the super powers of flavanoids, take some time to indulge in something sweet. 

For lowered blood pressure, an abundance of antioxidants, and a treat for your taste buds, nibble on 7 Reasons to Enjoy Chocolate, Without the Guilt. ( 

While we thought Victoria Secret’s diamond-encrusted bra was extravagant, at least it can be worn time and time again unlike The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Bar which most of us would devour in a single sitting. ( 

If you thought chocolate was just something sweet for your mouth, think again and take a peek at a chocolate fashion show. ( 

As we walk down the chocolate aisle at our favorite store, it’s so tough deciding which brown bar of love will be our perfect match ... ( 

While it is true that “the day scientists prove that a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake make a lifesaving power-meal may never come,” at least one delicious treat has finally been added to the health food list. (

Orgasm or truffle? It’s your choice. Read famous NYC restaurant critic Gael Greene’s answer to one of the most burning questions out there, “Is Chocolate Ever Better Than Sex?” ( 

To live and not merely exist, you must (at least once in your life) make an awesome dessert … and what dessert is complete without chocolate? (