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Must-Haves and Housework

I’ve been doing housework for umpteen years and I am really tired of it. I asked a friend to see if her housekeeper had one day a month to help me out. She is coming in a week so I have started getting ready for her. 

I decided to put some things up in a cupboard so she could do a decent job of dusting. I opened the cupboard door and discovered I had apparently done that several other times. It was stuffed full of “must haves” that I hadn’t seen in years! 

It is unbelievable how much stuff a person can acquire that has previously been identified as something essential. I found a thing that looked kind of like a log with a few flowers, a ladybug, and some weeds on it! That must have been something I wanted during my “country” phase. When I went out of the “country phase” and into the “Tuscan era,” why didn’t I get rid of it? Probably for the same reason most people don’t get rid of things. I might need it again! 

I am proud of my friends and myself because when we celebrate Christmas together, we don’t give each other gifts anymore. That helps alleviate some of the clutter. We don’t give birthday gifts either. All of us are over fifty-five and if we have to have it, we usually go out and buy it ourselves. Or drop big hints to husbands or adult children who then go out and buy it! 

Back to cleaning cupboards, shelves, etc. so the cleaning lady can do something with this mess. It will take me at least a week to get ready for her. By the time I am ready for her, I could probably do what she will do in about four hours. And then the next day I’ll have it all messed up again. 

The saving grace is that I know that underneath all the mess that I seem to spread all over my house, it’s clean! That’s a very good feeling. But there are lessons to be learned here. There comes a time in life when you realize that you probably could have taken a year-long cruise on the Queen E with the money you’ve spent on things you thought you had to have!