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My ABCs of Home Economics

It has always been my passion to go into a grocery store and look at all the produce in every aisle and plan on what I needed for myself. I remember going on a summer vacation with my mom when my dad worked paving the roads in Kaslo, BC where I would go to the small grocery store there and check out all the brightly colored packages of foods, laundry detergents, which gave off a pleasing scent and the cereal boxes that also captured my attention with their free offers inside the box of cheerios or alpha bits.

As soon as I got the package home I would immediately take the package out of the box and look at the free prize which would entertain me for hours on end. I can also remember taking out pieces of uncooked macaroni pasta and eating them right out of the box while sitting on my mother’s kitchen floor. Since that time, I have become quite an efficient shopper and homekeeper to manage my funds wisely and bring about new ways of saving dollars, creating new meals and making my home a more enjoyable place to live.  

My first lessons on spending my money was the magazine rack and candy counter which I came across every week when I would take my allowance and pursue my interests for what it was worth to me. I carried on my spending habits there for quite some time and became quite acquainted with the owners of the store where I purchased them from. When I received more allowance the products were more costly and had more keepsake value for me. When I had my first paying job I looked for things that lasted longer and they became a fixture in my living space and added to the decor of the room. In my first little apartment that I rented in town I found more responsibility and learning how to keep myself fed while living on my own. When things did not work out for me there I was happy to come home to my moms home cooking and did not give much thought for anything else.

A short time later I was given the chance to share an apartment with a new friend who I did not know that well personally but it was felt that we could make it on our own with help from our parents and friends alike. My partner and I remained independent for most of our things including our meals and extracurricular activities that we did for fun. At this time I began to focus more on my eating habits and less on my fun time list paying attention also to my expenses which mounted up  quickly over time. When my expenses were paid then I could indulge myself in some other thngs that were important to me at the time. My meal times were now fun to prepare for myself and I enjoyed them immensely knowing that my budgeting skills were being sharpened each time I went to the grocery store to pick up my grocery list and then carry it home and plan out my meals for the week ahead. When my living partner decided that he wanted to move out and find a place of his own I had no choice but to find new living quarters again where I could spend my time cooking and pursuing my hobbies.

When I began living on my own the realities of living began to sink in slowly with the light bill showing me how much energy I could save by using more efficient lights and the telephone bill displaying my precious moments on the phone with someone I needed to connect with to explain my troubles to like my mom. During my time away from home my church pastor would let me take a ride with him back to my home where  I could enjoy a home cooked meal that my mom had prepared for me while my Pastor went on and did a sermon and would pick me up later before going home at night. I was able to get my laundry done and save some money and spend some time with my folks. Later on my Pastor made a big change in his life, which also affected me greatly. I sure missed going out with him every Sunday but the good Lord would provide the necessary help for me and I would continue to make ends meet with more challenges that I had to make my way through and come out with a brighter outlook and a more secure future.  My spending habits sure have made some drastic changes that I can really see while God continues to shape and mold me for his good works along the way.