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My Walk Through an Auto Worker’s World: Chapter 2

My first day was really very wild, after I cut two fingers in five minutes. Well, the second day really started wrong too, as I didn’t even get started.

I was still in bed when my older brother said, “Hey, you are suppose to be at work now!”

I thought, Huh? It’s just around 3 a.m.! I wasn’t used to the early start.

It wasn’t long though before I finally got the hang of factory life. Well, sort of. People started coming around and saying, “This is Joe Blow. Vote for him.” Vote! What election? And who cares anyway? There was too much going on. Just as people were saying we were almost done, somebody that everyone called Santa Claus got us caught up.

How and what caught up? All of the sudden we were done and everybody left. But I was told, “You’re a rookie, so you don’t go anywhere.” Besides, my brother told one of the guys to look after me.

What I didn’t say before was that my first job was working in a valve body room. It was a room all right, and it smelled like burnt oil. It only lasted a week as I got moved to another job on another shift. The shift was one that I was going to love. It was from 3:30 p.m. to 12 a.m.

I went out a few months later and bought my first new car and was really rolling in the money. But I also ran into some of my first pitfalls in life too. One pitfall included two guys I worked with, who had this fools’ bluff poker game with a dollar bill. Every time I said I had three or four of something, they had a sign worked out. Yep! They worked out to the sum of forty to fifty bucks of my money. I quit playing. 

The next part of my life wasn’t as easy, and it took me years to get over it, as I’ll explain in the next chapter.