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Narrow Your Focus to Attract More Clients

This may surprise you. It may even feel backwards and completely wrong to you. But after fifteen years of helping big-hearted, light-touch therapists fill their practices, I promise you it’s true. 

Filling your practice is far easier when you narrow your focus to find only those people who would make the best clients for you.

I know, I know. As a CranioSacral Therapist, your work can help anyone. No arguments there. You practice a gentle therapy that naturally releases inner restrictions. Who wouldn’t benefit from that?

But here’s something else I encourage you to embrace if you want to grow your practice with ease: No matter how much your modality helps, you are not meant to serve everyone.

Ultimately, people come to you not for what you’re doing, but for who you’re being. There’s a distinct essence about you that certain people are just waiting to receive. 

This was a revelation to one of my clients, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. When I walked her through an exercise to identify her essence, she quickly realized that her best clients come to her because of her palpable sense of sweetness. That quality allows them to drop their defenses and drink in peace.

In that same way, there’s a particular person you’re most meant to serve. And that’s good news, because it virtually eliminates competition. Plus, for every person you’re not meant to serve, there’s a light-touch therapist who is.

So when you consciously choose to define the qualities of your “perfect patient,” you shift into serving your community and your colleagues. 

And you give them the opportunity to return the favor with referrals that bring you even more of your ideal clients.