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Network Marketing

What gives multi-level marketing its name is the unique compensation structure. In such a company independent sales representatives (individuals who market company products) are contracted by the company in what is called a distributor. Because of such a relationship, the sales reps are not employees of the company, they are independent from it, and therefore are called distributors.

What makes a structure qualify for the term “multi-level marketing” is the specification in the contract between the company and the representatives that the representatives will receive compensation—commission for their own personally generated sales of company products as well as for sales of other promoters they introduced to the company. This ability to receive constant remuneration from the efforts of others creates an incentive for the representatives to personally recruit teams of other sales representatives who will ideally repeat the process, and create a downline of distributors.

I have been working as a distributor for about one year now and was able to carve for myself a piece of market that helps to support me and my family. With a fairly small investment, I was able to recruit others who share my believe and we are looking forward to major growth.