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Networking at the Sandbox

I often find myself at a park with other moms discussing life, love, business, money, and goldfish crackers! I have made some great friends at sandboxes and had some great conversations, but I always felt awkward about promoting my business at the park. That is, until I talked to my girlfriend over coffee the other day; our conversation let me in on how valuable and powerful the sandbox network can be.

The other day, she was at a local park with her son when they came across a boy with his father in the sandbox. After the kids introduced themselves and went to digging, moms and dads were left to chat. After the pleasantries of how “old is yours” were exchanged, it came out in conversation that he was a buyer for a major children’s retailer. She just so happens to have her own business making baby slings! The man ordered one hundred for his local retail store and she is on her way to baby merch stardom!

So don’t forget your business cards when you pack the juice boxes; you just never know who you will run into.