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The New Age of Sustainable Design

In previous years all of us eco-friendly design divas were confronted with the difficult decision to choose between looks and substance. If we chose looks, we often times landed products that were not mindful of the substances used to create them, resulting in products that were harmful to the environment, our pets, and sometimes even us! Couches that looked great for a few seasons ended up sitting in landfills wasting away.

On the other hand, if we prioritized substance and eco-friendly materials we were often left with few (mostly unattractive or bland) style choices.  Whether it was furniture, rugs, or even toys for our kids it was hard to find stylish, functional pieces that were outwardly made with green materials. I know that as a self-proclaimed green design diva I am relieved that all of this has changed with the “green movement” and the increased awareness of the importance of taking care of the world we live in.

Now we are faced with a new problem: companies jumping on the green design wagon and claiming to make efforts to be sustainable without much evidence to back it up. How do we know who is the real deal? This is a hard question to answer—it takes a lot of research and time (that most of us don't have!) to investigate such claims.

The new Merida Home Web site does a great job of this. They adopted a site model that not only showcases their beautiful ornate natural fiber area rugs, but also tells the detailed story of their history and efforts to be a truly sustainable company. If anything, they error on the side of providing too much comprehensive detail about the natural fibers that go into their rugs and their efforts to be sustainable.

Regardless, I commend Merida Home for sharing their sustainability story and for finding a flawless way to marry quality, sustainability, and exquisite design. Other e-commerce Web sites should take note and follow suite to make it easier for us design divas to do our green homework.