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New Home for Writing

How to practice your talent when there is no time to do it, free time is spent sleeping or doing something that takes my mind off working. The time I had been spending looking for a job and sitting there worried I could have written a whole novel; after all, it was over a year that I had no job. Now I have a stable job working in a much-respected field with the government of Ontario, at twenty-six-years-old. I’m making more than a lot of people, and while I’m doing something that I planned on doing, I hope that it’s not taking the place of the talent I have within, writing.

I know that I’m supposed to write a novel, and write articles for magazines. I know that people in the world will be touched by my prose, so I can’t allow a lack of time to hinder my process. Now I have a means to make income and also doing something that is meaningful, I have to start putting the time and energy into my own talent.

It’s hard to think when I’m tired, hard to work without a laptop; it’s even harder without a desk. And my so-called room is made up of nothing but an air mattress and totes that serve as drawers and tables. Writing in such an environment is uncomfortable. It doesn’t warrant creativity. Instead, I chose not to stay away from home once I slept. Something has got to change, and change fast.

For the writing to spew out of my stomach I need comfort, a bright colored couch to sit in with a new loveable laptop. I need a coffee table where I can rest my coffee or cold beverage, so in between my writing I can drink, without toppling my cell phone, my pen, or any other device into my milk.

I need a big beautiful bed, with a thin comforter and fluffy pillows so I can sit back and allow the words and thoughts to flow smoothly. I need a long embroidered curtain that matches my bed linens and a wide window so when I open my lovely curtains I can see green pine trees and maybe a stream. That’ll motivate me to write.

Writing comes from the heart, and the heart and the mind needs to be at peace and relaxation. I am looking for that and more when I find my new home.