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The Next Part of My Life

I am a great fan of the CBS Sunday Morning Show. There are always the most interesting people, places, art, music, and other great things on that show. If I had a “bucket list” being profiled on that show would be at the top.

Right now my life hardly merits profiling. I have an average job, have not invented the cure for (or had) cancer. I’ve not overcome a major hurdle in life and I’m not Bill (or Melinda in my case) Gates. I do sing, and I’m currently the top act in my 2006 Volvo SUV on my way to and from work each day. Thankfully I’m not making a come back due to a hard life of drugs, making a moving about a washed up wrestler.

I’m just doing what I can to help support a business, keep the lights on, and keep a roof over my head and the heads of my cats and my husband.

Yet there is still hope. Bea Arthur who recently passed away, didn’t really get famous outside of Broadway until she played Archie Bunker’s cousin when she was in her 40s. There are authors, actors, successful business people who didn’t get “going” until the second part of their lives. What could that be for me?