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Noni for Better Health!

When walking past Noni trees, it’s hard not to notice the peculiar shape of a Noni fruit. They are prickly, bumpy, and thrive in Hawaii’s rich volcanic soil. I have only recently started to take Noni as a supplement after hearing the remarkable makeup of this funny looking fruit. Noni has been used for centuries by the Polynesian people for Noni’s healing properties. Currently, you can take it in the form of liquid, fruit leather or lotion. Noni relieves pain and inflammation and in some studies comes close to morphine when dealing with pain.

The fruit leather is raw, boosts the immune system, helps promote healthy skin and gums, and can be used on gurns to toothaches! I eat about a one-inch square a day for these benefits. I have even heard that companies make regular shipments to basketball teams for players to treat injuries.

I tried Noni juice for the first time after reading Laird Hamilton’s (one of the world’s greatest big-wave surfers) “Force of Nature.” After reading that Laird takes Noni ... I decided to take Noni too. I mean here is a guy who surfs gigantic waves and has to be in peak condition, so if this helps him—I’m game.

I have to admit; even just a sip is really strong and tastes horrible. I mix it with water or juice and swallow it down. The benefits are extraordinary, it has a strong medicinal alkaloid called proxeronine that aids damaged cells in healing. Noni has also been known to purify blood from toxins, help digestion, and make your immune system stronger. Noni grows abundantly in Hawaii, so when buying Noni look for 100 percent pure and organic with no other juices or fillers and is fermented for around four months before pressing! Here’s to your health!