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Nonstop Entertaining

Our friends from Colorado flew in on Wednesday night for five fun filled days of nonstop entertainment. The party started at our favorite Sushi restaurant on Wednesday night with several of our local friends in tow. We gave the order to the waitress, “Omakase,” which translates to chef’s choice. Our favorite sushi chef creates delicious plates that look as good as they taste. The Saki was flowing and “Kampai” was the most frequently utilized word of the evening. 

The next morning we scurried around the house and began the process loading the truck up with beach chairs, coolers, the margarator, and the Tiki bar … of course. It was time for our annual trek to the Jimmy Buffet concert in Irvine, California, where the tailgate party is almost as much fun as the concert. After a few hassles with security guards regarding the placement of the Tiki bar which had to stay in the truck, we were set up and ready to party. As it turns out, the portable beach bar was a very popular photo op. for Buffet fans. The grill was anxiously awaiting our sausage and beef sliders and chicken pesto sausage, while the margaritas were flowing. After several hours of eating, drinking and posing in our beach bar, we enjoyed a great concert. There is something so magical about thousands of people harmoniously singing, “Wasted away again in margaritaville.”

After two nights and a day of partying, we were a bit tired and stayed in a local hotel for the night. The next morning we made our way back home via the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped at Dukes in Malibu. Needless to say, the valet was quite amused by the tiki bar strapped to the back of the truck. The fish tacos and view of the Pacific Ocean were unbeatable. After a few Stellas I felt my second wind come on and we continued our way up the coast towards home. With plenty of food, margarita mix, and beer left in the coolers, the party continued in the backyard until about 10 p.m.

Day three: I managed to sneak out early before my guests woke up and rode my bike for twenty miles. After all that food and fun, I needed to burn some calories. Also, I desperately needed some alone time. A few hours later, we all went for a delicious brunch downtown and strolled through the annual “Art in the Park” show. We invited some of our artist friends from the show over to dinner that night, called a few more friends, and the party continued. I cooked one of my favorite meals which is always a crowd pleaser, barbecued steak, king salmon, roasted potatoes, and Caesar salad … oh and warm brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert.

Day four: The kitchen is trashed, the dogs haven’t been walked, the horses haven’t been exercised, when are these people going to leave? The guys decided to go golfing and I promised my girlfriend that we would go shopping. I was so wiped by this time that even spending money at Nordstrom’s didn’t appeal to me. Luckily, she was tired too and we just sat around and enjoyed girl talk over coffee. That afternoon, my girlfriend called and asked if we wanted to join her for a barbeque at her house. I quickly whipped up some Salmon spread from last night’s leftovers, grabbed a few bottles of wine and we were on our way. My girlfriend is a wonderful cook and prepared an amazing dinner consisting of roasted chickens, slow cooked ribs, CPK salad, and crab cakes. I could feel my butt growing larger with every bite. To top it all off, her brother made lemon bars … yummy! 

Day five: they are leaving today, Yahoo! I was exhausted, but my enthusiasm over getting my house back gave me the needed energy to cook breakfast. As they loaded up the car with their luggage, my husband turned to me and asked, “Are you coming to the airport with us”? I replied, “No, I have to do laundry.” After the car pulled out of the driveway, I did a little happy dance in the living room and spent some time doing absolutely nothing (err … on Facebook). I love my friends dearly, but house guests and non stop entertaining is exhausting.