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Nothing Grabs Me Lately

It just didn’t come to me like it usually does. Normally, I get an idea or a thought in my head and boom, out comes an article. This time, I had nothing. Empty. No great ideas. No brilliance. Zero. So I stalled. I checked the value of my investments online. I made arrangements for my kids to be picked up from camp. I watched a YouTube video. I read journal entries. I called my mother. I did everything but write my article. 

“I have nothing great to say this week,” I thought to myself. “No good stories. No mystical metaphors. No incredible Frame of Mind lessons to teach.”

When a colleague asked about the subject of my article, my reply was, “Nothing grabs me lately.” 

“Why don’t you write about that?” she said. “Many people feel that way.”

She was talking about something interesting; the feeling of not being jazzed, excited, or turned on by anything in particular. It happens sometimes. 

Many of my coaching clients come to me in this state.  They don’t know what to do to get out of their rut. They say, “I know what I am supposed to do to be more productive, but I just can’t get myself to do it.” They don’t know where to start to make things better. 

Here’s where journaling comes in. 

A rut is designed by your thinking; nothing more, nothing less. What that means is that climbing out of your rut is also a function of your thinking. It’s all completely in your control.

Here are five techniques to use when you are in a rut and you’re reaching for ways to change your thinking:

1.       First, write about the rut and get it out of your system. 

2.       Second, when you think it’s out, write some more and make sure it’s a complete purge.

3.       Third, write about what is good about the rut—describe how it serves you.

4.       Fourth, create a list of what is pretty good about right now—even little things like “It’s good that the grass is green.” The more you notice, the more shows up.

5.       Finally, turn yourself around by describing how you would prefer things to be in your ideal world where the grass is always green and you are living a successful life.

Writing is more powerful than one could ever imagine. It’s the means to unraveling the mess of one’s life and the device used to create magic.