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The Only Question You Need to Ask Is “When?”

We spend so much of our time asking questions that are difficult to answer. I see clients asking big ones, such as “How?” and “Who?” as in, “How will I accomplish this goal?” and “Who is gong to go for this?” Another big one: “Why?” as in “Why me?” or “Why now?”

None of these questions is going to get you where you want to go. Of course you need to know why you want to do the work you do in the beginning, and you want to know who you want to work with as you start out, but asking these questions after that point will keep you in a tailspin forever.

The question you need to be asking yourself over and over is “When?” It’s the most empowering question you can ask.

Have a goal in mind? The only question you need to ask about that goal is when you want to accomplish it.

If you get truly clear on when you want to accomplish everything that you dream about and promise yourself that you will do every thing you need to and more, will expand yourself and who you are to become who you need to be in order to get there by the deadline, you are on the path to success.

Don’t ask yourself why you want to do what you want to do or why an idea comes into your head that gives you chills. It doesn’t really matter why you have great ideas. What matters is how long you are willing to wait before you put them into action.

A little trick I learned in the book I recommend below is to run an idea through the ten-ten-ten process. First, ask yourself what the consequence of taking or not taking an action will be in ten minutes. Then look at ten months. Then ten years.

If looking at the idea through these outcomes looks exciting and feels right after this analysis, then all you have to do is set up when you want it to happen. Sometimes we need to expand our headspace to get ready to take on something new. But don’t fall into the trap of “I want this to happen as soon as I get my mind around it and feel ready.” That could take forever if you’re scared and don’t see how it can happen.

Set a date and then make the effort to get your mind where it needs to be between now and the date.

Have goals and dates in mind? Share them with us in the comments so we can support you in moving ahead!