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In Our Minds, We Are Always “On Our Way”

Mental Toughness is the ability to maintain a steady state.

For the ultimate ‘mental toughness’ you need to have a mental conditioning coach develop a drill that works for you specifically to condition you for your state management on the golf course. The ideal session necessary to develop results conditioning is ninety minutes. Mental conditioning, mental toughness, peak performance, physical performance, resilience to negative effects on the golf course is a lifetime investment in yourself as a person and as a golfer.

We all experience states we don’t like—denying they exist, don’t make them go away.

How do you change your state when you’re on the golf course? It requires keen awareness on your part. It’s not what happens to you—it is what you do with what happens to you that counts. States are also contagious, so watch out. How is your state affecting others, and how is their state affecting you? All great question, right? What do you do to in a round, your routine—get solid answers to dial into your nervous system.

Your ability to focus on the golf course can be your heaven or hell when you competing. The prime rule in this reality is we must become in our lives what we choose to experience in the world. Have no doubt, reality changes in the present as a direct result of our focus. The more we focus, the greater the change.

There is always a subtle yet powerful difference between working toward a result and thinking and feeling from it. In our minds we are always “on our way” to a accomplishment.

We also tend to experience what we identify with in our beliefs.

The quality of our beliefs and expectations has a direct and powerful effect on what happens to us on the golf course. My research has shown the more intense the “watching” focus, the greater the watchers influence is on how the ball behaves. Your ability to focus, stay focused and stay in state is the mind-set of a champion. State management is a must for competitive, consistent and fun for a golfer while out playing on the course.