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Overcome This Major Financial Mistake

Many people make a major mistake when it comes to their personal finances.

What’s the mistake? Not using a portion of your income for the greater good. Yes: this is a major mistake. Why? Finding the discipline and willingness to contribute to charity is a financial skill with great dividends.

What happens if you don’t give? You miss out on an opportunity to really make big changes in this world. Maybe you’re not the “big change” type, but consider this: giving small change can make a huge difference in our shared world.

There are many reasons to give. Some call it tithing and associate it with religious beliefs. Others realize that by giving a percentage of their income they are better equipped to direct the remainder of their assets. And some do it because it makes them feel good.

Don’t feel like you have enough money? Nonsense. Giving helps you focus on what you HAVE versus what you WANT or NEED. That’s why everyone should do it as part of a healthy personal finance plan. You can organize your giving strategy through Web sites like Givvy or Razoo.

Need some inspiration? Below are Giving Guides that focus on specific and urgent topics.

Where will you give? What will you help change?

Razoo Giving Guide: Animal Welfare
Razoo Giving Guide: Genocide
Razoo Giving Guide: HIV/AIDS
Razoo Giving Guide: Homelessness
Razoo Giving Guide: Literacy
Razoo Giving Guide: Microfinance
Razoo Giving Guide: National Parks
Razoo Giving Guide: Slavery
Razoo Giving Guide: Water
Razoo Giving Guide: World Hunger

Don’t have enough money to give? You can also give your time. That’s valuable and is greatly appreciated, too.