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Overwhelmed? Finding Balance and Beauty in Your Week

Last week I had one of those weeks. A week when I just felt “off.” Everywhere I looked I saw reminders of things I needed to do. Everything felt URGENT. I felt disorganized, scattered, overwhelmed, and uninspired. For a couple of days, my life didn’t feel very beautiful. It felt, well, blah.

So, I asked myself, how do I find balance and beauty around me in spite of how I feel? I think that is one of the real struggles in life.

How do you live the beautiful life you want when you are just not feeling inspired?

You give yourself a break.

Sometimes I just get bogged down in daily life and I need a break. When I feel overwhelmed and am not seeing the beauty around me, I need to leave my responsibilities behind and do something for myself. I go shopping, take a bath, have lunch with a friend, read a magazine, or take a walk.

A break from the daily pressure does wonders for my emotions. It doesn’t take long and I suddenly can see life in color again. And, thankfully, I find joy even in my daily routines again! The responsibilities and pressures might not change, but I can manage them so much better (and see them as BLESSINGS) when I have taken time to recharge my energy. I need to factor ME in to my balanced week!

It seems counterproductive at the time, but the quality of my life actually improves when I slow down and take time off for myself.

Give yourself a break the next time you have one of those weeks!

The Inspired Room