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Recently during a two-week long illness, which felt more like two years than two short weeks, while nursing a starving and dehydrated body that had not tasted food in over a week, my only source of food intake had become my eyes. Watching the food network, although torture to my senses had also become a source of comfort and obsession during this time of complete and utter lapse in productivity and then I heard someone utter “Paella,” just the name brought me out of my depressing slumber and caused me to painfully open my eyes and what I saw made my mouth water though it seemed impossible that such dry, dehydrated body could even produce liquid. I promised myself once this forsaken illness had left me I would find out what this seemingly delicious and colorful dish was all about.
For the next few days, I repeated the name in my head over and over again “Paella” refusing to forget sense I was too weak to even make a quick note on my I phone like I usually do. Days later as my health slowly came back to me I began my research on this foreign word and dish that seemed to get me through a dark painful week in my life. “Paella” as I have come to know is a beautiful, colorful, internationally-known rice dish originating from an eastern region of Spain. There are hundreds of recipes and many ingredients and spices that makes this dish, such as calamari, shrimp, mussels or clams, fish, chicken, pork and even vegetables mixed in a beautiful golden color saffron rice. As with most dishes there are many versions of the Paella. One version may include ingredients such as rabbit and artichokes, but the version I am sure to favor most is probably the seafood Paella. And for those of you who do not favor meat dish there is also a vegetarian version of the Paella, which contains delicious ingredients like white beans, artichokes, eggplant, and peppers.

As I am no longer lying in bed staring at the food network I am planning my next step in search of the best Paella in Houston, TX. I have mapped out my search grounds and have several restaurants already in mind. Please stay tuned, my next entry on this subject will be the results of my find. I wonder if I am going be delighted at my first bite like I have dreamed I will be or if I will frown in disappointment once I finally come spoon to mouth with my “Paella.”