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Personal Stimulus Plan

In these tough economic times, I feel it is up to each of us to assess our lives, lifestyles, and finances. After operating my own business, very successfully, for thirty-four years, the economy has hit our business hard.

So, while the business is still operating, it has not been as profitable as in past years.

I have always felt I was creative, and have been thinking about my special talents that I have used to a degree in my businesses, but always wanted to spend more time using my talents and creativity.

Thus the time seemed right for me to follow my second true love. My first is certainly my business, and it will not suffer because I can run my second business from the same location ... yes, it is a risk, but, no risk, no reward.

Being in business for so long and running a full “C” corporation with all its twists and turns provides me with knowledge that others may be struggling to learn, but it is not really all that difficult ... and, you could always talk to a corporate attorney, or read up on the internet the various methods and the strengths and weaknesses of all the various programs.

Promotion of both businesses will be intensified ... with many different events planned. Yes, a business plan is a must ... but, it should never be set in stone. It needs to be reviewed periodically and tweaked.

I am happy for this chance and look forward to the new “stimulus plan” that I have instituted ... my past business experience is not enough though. I have read books, the internet, talked to my Board of Directors, brain stormed, taken many seminars that touch on various aspects.

Did you know that you can create your own WEB SITE ... something that is so uniquely yours. You can get people to be interested if you make an interesting site. I don’t really want to give away all the secrets that we are implementing as we have some that I have never heard of anyone else doing.

Creating your own web site is really not that difficult. There are some simple programs, but I think one that is not template relegated is better. It takes many reviews as you will constantly come up with new ideas. But, eventually, you need to publish it, and you can continue to tweak it. Just don’t spend months and months planning the best site. No site will ever be perfect, but we can keep on until it is perfect for our business.

I also find social networking and advertising to be of value ... but must admit that it can be too time consuming ... so, you need to decide that you will only spend a certain amount of time ... and then keep as close to that time frame as possible.

One other thing that most new businesses (or even existing businesses) don’t think about ... that is time away ... a weekend trip, a week’s trip, or just an overnight away from everything connected with the business, and you will come away not only refreshed, but with fresh new ideas.

So, that is my personal stimulus plan and I am optimistic ... all of you who are out of work must have some idea of what you want to do ... try you hand at your own business ... Yes, you can invest a ton of money, but it is not necessary. There is so much help out there all you have to do is reach out and grab ahold of it. Remember one important part of this story: Being Optimistic ... brain storm with family, friends and business people who are all happy to share their thoughts with you. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET MOVING.