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Phone Calls and Playdates and Doorbells, Oh My!

By the time my yard was filled with football-throwing boys, I had given up on taking a shower. I’d worked out first thing yesterday morning, but came home to conference call after appointment after deadline, followed by impromptu playdate, snack attacks, phone calls, ringing doorbells, and a trail of broken corn chips. Just the way I like it.

If I ever have to go back to working in an office, I will be able to put some unique skills onto my resume that come only from working from home:


  • Can wedge herself into the closet during conference calls to drown out noise from fight over the Wii going on in the next room.
  • Can return urgent text messages with one hand and unstick zippers, pour juice or open Girl Scout cookie boxes with the other.
  • Can write coherent paragraphs while shouting, “Leave him alone!” between sentences.
  • Can come up with clever quotes for media interviews while driving mini-van full of boys singing “Batman Smells” to soccer practice.
  • Can find that contract, if you just give her a minute, unless it’s after school, in which case, she’ll look for it after Cub Scouts.