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Positive Thinking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Sometimes it takes a little bit of emotional resilience to bounce back from rejection. That’s what we teach people in our Frame of Mind Coaching for Entrepreneurs. Here’s an example of how you can take a negative situation and use it to achieve success in your business exchanges ... 

I had a meeting today with an editor of a significant magazine. I had wanted to get his attention for a while. I thought that exposure in his magazine would be a smart thing for FOM—I was hoping for a strategic alliance that would be of benefit to both of us. Many people were after his attention. He was doing me a favor by agreeing to meet with me.  

Instead of going to the office, I drove all the way downtown and hung out for a couple of hours so that I would be on time. He didn’t show up. I thought maybe that I was at the wrong Starbucks. I tried calling several times to double check but I couldn’t reach him. After waiting a while, and deciding to call it quits, he called me to apologize for missing the appointment. He had just flown back from a business trip and fell asleep due to the jet lag.  

I was stiffed. But I felt like I was just dealt the upper hand. I let him know that while I understood, this meant that he owed me one. He agreed. I used the opportunity to joke around and build rapport. He invited me to call him tomorrow to set up another meeting. I think I am going to invite him to meet me at my Starbucks this time ...