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I am fast becoming a very impoverished person. My former workplace had been experiencing work flow problems for many years. After making an imprudent financial decision, they declared bankruptcy only a few months ago. They will have to close stores and lay off many people if they survive at all. Industries flow and ebb and, in time, many are destined to fold. The management employed in this industry bled the company dry, earning many thousands of dollars without thinking that some money should have been reinvested into the company itself. Now it is impossible to recoup the financial losses. As I was a lower member of the employed workforce, I was not privy to inside knowledge, yet it was easy to see the company would not survive years ahead of its demise.

My work became more and more difficult to perform because more and more obstacles were imposed. More and more stop-gap rules and employee shortages. Management continued to receive excellent salaries relative to the progress and innovation that did not occur to save the little remaining remnant of a once prosperous industry. Too little and too late. Management sought to save itself at the expense of the company itself. Fortunately, I left before the death throes. Management will not find work easily and will not be able to draw heavily on huge salaries they once relished. Many wellsprings of funding are drying up and thousands of people have to find other ways of bringing home a paycheck. The workplace is not responding to the need; unemployment insurance is available and some federally sponsored work is in the offing.

The news reports of thousands and thousands of unemployed workers every night. Every industry has been affected and many workers have come to understand that their future lies in their own hands and actions. The country is deep in debt and continues to fight an every expensive war overseas. Many parts of the country have experienced the ravages of extreme weather. Many older industries are vanishing to b replaced by the new.
Many capable and well-educated workers are remaining idle for months and perhaps years. Too many CEOs and upper management are walking away with company assets into the safe haven of a well-funded retirement, while rank and file are facing layoffs and loss of pensions and benefits.

When I was young, most of us were willing to work diligently. We could be relied upon. We were high school graduates and college-educated. We were told that it would work out into a greater financial reward as adults. The sad truth is; there is no guarantee. Being educated gets you an interview, but does not insure employment, especially when economic downturns diminish opportunities. The workplace cares not for your well-being; whether you are able to provide food or shelter for yourself and family is not relevant. Financial expediency is absolute to survival of the richest. Long unemployment and food stamps lines are statistics. After all, the working class is a tool of the ruling (management and owners) classes. Work exploitation in various forms does exist in capitalistic societies. No unions and no benefits and no pensions. Back to square one.

Look into the faces of the poor and you will learn everything. You will know that without a shadow of a doubt an education is unimportant. Health care is not necessary. Your life and your well-being are not important, relative to what you can produce for the company’s elite that you work under. Little better than slave labor. Go to the supermarket and see how far your grocery dollar stretches as they increase prices of the most basic commodities. Energy prices could not be any higher. Taxes are a large portion of paycheck expenditures relative to earnings. How long must people pay for the greed of the corporate and governmental elite? More and more people refuse to believe the rhetoric, fairy tales, and outright lies.