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The Power of a Reliable Income

Earning an income is essential in anyone’s life. We must have an income to provide our basic needs, as well as having choices for our family.

With today’s economy, 13.9 million Americans are without a reliable income, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The families that do have an income coming in statistically are working just 34.2 hours per week. These weekly hours can be cut at anytime the employers choose to. This makes providing for a household very hard and discouraging. After finding this information I began to wonder ...

  • What is a reliable income?
  • How can families received a reliable income?
  • What if these families were able to provide a reliable income for their families?

As I looked up the word reliable, these terms stuck out to me: relied upon, dependable, predictable. And the word income produced this description: “The monetary payment received for goods or services.”

One might venture to say a reliable income is a dependable monetary payment received. It amazes me that millions of Americans are without this comfort.