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Praying for Posse

I know all about posses. I watched Entourage for the first two seasons, I love 30 Rock, and I get a kick out of Tracey Morgan’s gang of hanger-ons. When you’re rich and famous, you have your people  around you. You surround yourself with friends and family you trust. Barack has a big posse: his wife, her mother, Valerie Jarrett, Reggie Love, David Axelrod, and Rahm (no last name needed.)

If you’re just regular kind of folk, you probably have your inner circle of friends and loved ones who you count on. Maybe you have a best friend or two in your life, who you turn to for every little thing. And if you’re very, very lucky, you have a spouse or significant other who makes you laugh, helps you see a different perspective, and supports your every need.

People need people. Barbra said it best on her Funny Girl album. We can draw strength from those around us; they can lift us up, bring meaning to our life, and add fun to our daily routine. Even though I enjoy my independence, and I don’t hesitate to go to a movie or a restaurant alone, I can’t imagine my life without my family and friends.

I started my new business completely on my own. Anybody who was within earshot and breathing, would hear about my concept of online multi-faith prayer. I got great feedback and picked up some neat ideas from lots of people who were more than happy to advise me. But when it came time to plant my seat on the seat in front of my computer and get started, it was all me. Thankfully— not for long. Heidi was the first talented writer to come forward and join the team. One by one the team grew to seven Pray Makers and myself. The turning point for Team Prayables was late in April, when Ed signed on. My prayers were answered.  I found in Ed, a partner who is the perfect complement to my skill set. He’s a technology whiz, thoughtful sounding board, and wise advisor.

Since we all work from home offices, the players on our team have never officially met. Tamie came on board recently and insisted on a hello in person. She drove in from Wisconsin. Ed and I reluctantly left our computers for an hour to have lunch with our newest member of the pack. Surprise! There is value to a handshake, a hug, and a smile beyond our avatars. Today, one of our Pray Maker’s is visiting Chicago with her family. We’re meeting at Maggiano’s. This is a first for Prayables: Pray Maker meets Chief of Pray. Team members hanging out together. I’m thinking… this kinda looks like a posse and it feels good.
Unparalleled Gift of Community

The friends You have given me
bring explosive joy.
They bring laughter and hope.
They hold and support me
through trials and uncertainty.
They give me a sense of purpose
by allowing me the opportunity
to be an encouragement to them.

Through my friends,
You have given me
the unparalleled gift of community.
I thank You now for the love
I have received today–
for Your love and my friends– love,
which are in so many ways
one and the same.