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Pregnancy and Job Hunting

No one ever said looking for work while pregnant would be easy. But with today’s economy and masses of qualified competition, finding a fulfilling management career while five months pregnant is like winning the lottery; however, winning the lottery may be more plausible.

It’s like the pink elephant in the room, when walking into an interview and glancing at the potential employers that boast fair and equitable hiring practices. They smile and attempt to make mental guesses on your due date and wonder why would you attempt to seek employment, when you should be home nesting and awaiting the arrival of your precious bundle. The standard questions and pleasant chatting begins and within thirty minutes, they are wishing you the best of luck with the job hunt and your future endeavors, cautiously not hinting that they are aware of the sensitive condition that you hold.

Why would a modern educated, experienced, and career-minded woman job hunt? To be able to provide a home for her family and food on the table? Everything that the man of the household would be pressured to do when expecting a new addition to the family, without the physical transformation or obvious prejudices.

Society is supportive when offering a pregnant women on the bus a seat, but when it comes of offering her a job ... that’s another story. So what to do in this time of waiting?

Continue the pursuit of career goals or wait for life’s simple miracles, while hoping the bills get paid by your fairy godmother? To all those in this precarious situation, good luck and keep hoping for a world of equality.