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Pros and Cons of Being a WAHM

As I entered motherhood, a huge decision had to be made: would I work outside of the home once our child was born or would I be a stay-at-home mom? That’s a huge decision to make, and it’s a pressing one on many new moms’ minds.

Most moms who decide to be home to raise their children not only forfeit their income, they lose benefits, 401Ks, and the feeling of being a contributor to the family. On the other hand, they become a caretaker for their children, a loving hand to comfort a crying baby, a soft voice reading a story, a meal provider adding a pinch of love.

Often moms wonder if there is the possibility of being home with their children and adding to their family’s budget. If that is a question pressing on your mind, I want you to consider the pros and cons of working from home.


  • More time with your children. That is the biggest advantage of all, being able to care for your children in all areas of their lives. Being there for milestones and helping to mold that child into the person you would like him or her to be.
  • Eliminating the commute. A huge plus is the time saved from the everyday commute. Americans spend an average of over one hundred hours per year commuting to work.
  • Saving money on your wardrobe. When you work from home you can do so from your pj’s! Comfort is a huge advantage of working from home. Your able to save hundreds of dollars on the formal workplace wardrobe.
  • Flexibility! Most families find it hard to have the flexibility to make it to all of their children’s special events. Even finding time for the grocery store can become a challenge. You can now accommodate other activities that you would like to accomplish.


  • Lack of motivation. As a work-at-home mom, you may find it hard to keep your motivation up to a previous standard.
  • Scheduling. You may find it hard to stick to a schedule to allow you to complete your tasks of your business. As personal commitments or chores may pop up.
  • Adult interaction. When it comes to being a mom, we get lots of kiddo time. But you may find that you miss that adult interaction that you once felt with your coworkers.  

There are certainly many challenges as well as benefits from working from home. The bottom line is finding a productive situation for you that will enable you to be the best mom you can be.