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Protect Your Home from Burglars Who are Watching Your House

When figuring out how to protect your home from robbers, paying attention to the little things in your life pays big dividends. Take ,for example, trash. How important is your garbage to keeping your home safe? Well, it turns out that monitoring your trash plays a huge role in keeping your family safe.

Mistake #1: Showing-off your new fancy equipment to bad guys.
Think you would never fall for this one? It’s simple enough to do. All you have to do is buy a new Flat screen TV, then put the monster box out on the curb on trash day. Smart crooks will drive buy noting the new electronics and your address. A couple weeks later you come home to find your cool new electronics have been removed without your consent—and you made it easy for the burglars to find.

Solution? Break up pieces of large boxes and put them into the recycling container, or you can simply dispose of the boxes at an alternate location (think recycling center, or behind the supermarket).

Mistake #2: Using the insurance money to replace your items and then thinking that it won’t happen again.
It is more common than you’d think for thieves to wait for you to receive your insurance pay-off, buy the new toys, then steal from you a second time. Any why not? They did it successfully once and they know the layout of your home.

Solution? Once again, do not advertise your new toys to the world. Do not make this easy for the thieves. Further, you should consider doing a home security audit (fancy word meaning think about your security weaknesses and then fix the big ones).

Having a mind-set of security, as you go about your everyday life, can make protecting your home from burglars a much less daunting task.

The Big Picture
Having a mid-set of security as you go about your everyday life, can make protecting your home from burglars a much easier task. This means making small adjustments to the way you normally ‘do’ life, which ultimately result in your risk of burglary being greatly diminished.

I am a mom of two young kids, so I know the importance of keeping our homes safe, but also keeping it simple. Installing thirty-two locks on your doors and having your own personal dragon guard your home are not only completely not realistic, but would be too burdensome to actually use. (Even if a dragon were possible, it might do more harm than good ... breathing fire on your roof, right?)

It’s time to drop the fear of home invasion and be in control of our own home’s protection from bad guys. Simple changes like I have outlined above can pay big rewards.