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Published Author in Training

I am twelve years old and writing is like half my life. I’ve written a chapter book with forty-three pages and fourteen chapters about a murder and how it is resolved. In elementary school, I wrote seven very short stories. When I was in third grade, for Dr. Seuss day, I wrote a rhyming book about a bird with a disfigured wing, who was made fun of, and in the end those who made fun of him ended up being his friends. That story was very nearly published.

Now, at twelve years old, I’m in the middle of a romance novel, sort of like a modern day Romeo and Juliet.

It is about two teenagers who fall in love, but, their fathers owning large airline companies, the competition tears them apart. The girl is forced to move across the country, but comes back to her love at eighteen years old. They marry, survive life-threatening disaster, have twins, and move to Italy. From there, the girls father finds them and confides that he has cancer and just wants to be apart of her life now.

I’m not sure how to get my work noticed, and no matter how much I beg my mom, she’s never even looked for any publishers to read anything of mine. She says she has, and she did, once, with the story when I was in third grade.

I want to enter a writing contest in school, and I have the highest grade point average in my English class.

All my friends find it really cool that I write actual books, and my one friend actually gives me story ideas.

My sister couldn’t care less about anything I do. She’s two years older and has yet to read any of my books.

Does anyone have any new story ideas for me? I could really use it!