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A Question of Reputation

While I was scouring my inbox for all the latest and greatest social media news, I came across a very practical and thoughtful question posed by a LinkedIn group member.

Should your company’s online reputation match your offline reputation? Some respondents offered an unequivocal yes. They compared it to your company having a different radio presence than can be offered through television.

I’m not so sure I agree. Each media has its own attributes and strengths. Each media tends to excel at a certain aspect of communications. For radio, it is the voice, the sounds, the intonation we so often miss with text messaging and email. For television, the power of the images married to words and sounds can be mesmerizing. 

For the Internet and social media, the ability to track changing stories, issues and topics, and its rapidly expanding capacity to deliver all aspects of human communication directly to us has become overpowering, if not narcotic.

So I would have to agree that indeed social media represents not just a new set of technologies, but a potential new anthology and customer psychology into the arena. The depths to which this channel can provide communications opportunities seem endless. Because of this, as online marketers and business owners we need to choose wisely, and explore how we can use this channel to further deepen our customer relationships.

So tell me, what do you think?